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FOLDABLES: Graphic Organizer Examples

Looking for supportive approaches for your kinesthetic students? Need a hand's on approach for your written projects? WELCOME!
Graphic Organizers, foldables, Dinah Zike

My #1 read article of-all-time,
is this post from the time I presented at the TN- IRA conference!
It turns out that teachers are crazy-WILD about foldables!!

Guess where I just presented? Another IRA event!!! 
This time I gave workshops for the state of Illinois -- IRC.

New ideas!!! 
Graphic Organizers, foldables, Dinah Zike
Graphic Organizer 'foldable' examples from Dinah Zike

I went prowling the exhibit hall in search of the Dinah Zike booth.
This woman is obviously the QUEEN of da foldables. 

Here's her website -- where you can learn her approach 
and see her products in detail! 
Some day I'll meet this woman in person.  
Graphic Organizers, foldables, Dinah Zike

I just know all of these images are going to re-charge your battery.
Be certain that you go to her website to learn her approach to this kinesthetic learning opportunity.
Graphic Organizers, foldables, Dinah Zike

LUV me some Onomatopoeia!!!!!
I promised to keep my eyes wide open on your behalf....
and I LUV to be able to deliver on a promise!

These next two remind me of little foldables we used to make when I was in elementary.
They had flaps that you lifted.
We called them fortune tellers and Cootie-catchers.
Now taken from the playground to the classroom!!

I'd be grateful if you'd 'pin' your favorite idea.
I think Dinah would be grateful for the traffic we'll send her as well.

I only get credit for photographing + sharing her ideas.
Now you put your 'spin' on these concepts in your classroom!

If you want to do some time travel into the future, click here to hop to a display of children's foldable reports I photographed during one of my spring Artist in the Schools visits. 
photo of: Graphic Organizers for language Arts, foldable examples, kinesthetic approach to language Art
Student Reports as Foldables

Here's a peek at my concluding workshop.
I had extra helping hands to catch my enthusiastic participants in action!!

Here's my 'photographer' that captured those participants!!!
It's Carie-the-Kindergarten teacher!!!

Carie was a help in every way. 
She's the amazing dynamo who served 9 years in the Army, 
prior to taking over the reigns in kindergarten. 
She's the one who created the amazing collaborative quilt in response to my picture book, "Red, White and Blue."  

You really need to treat yourself to the series of articles I wrote last year, after meeting Carie.
Here's a snippet of the quilt her K-kiddos created.

***I am now an 'Amazon Associate' which means whenever you click from my blog to Amazon and do some shopping -- you are adding to my retirement account. SO GRATEFUL! 
I've done some window shopping and have gathered up a LOT of foldable and graphic organizer resources for you. ENJOY! 

-- Debbie -- 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

EDITOR'S Note from the future: I now have a little store over at TpT where I am uploading my original children's songs in zipped files with Mp3 versions and support materials. Swing by and pick up your FREEBIE. Follow my store so you'll know when I upload new projects and hold sales. 

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  1. ok..... you may not know but I'm FOLDABLES obsessed!!! Have you seen my FoldiFun Factory? It my BEST blog post! I update it regularly!!! I won ALL of Dinah's books :)

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

    1. WOWZERS! You lucky-ducky, you! Which came first? The obsession or the set of Dinah's books? Thanks for leaving the link to your post -- I'm sure there will be lots who will appreciate seeing it!


  2. Great site! Just a wee quibble. It's spelled onomatopoeia.

    1. Tanya. No quibble what-so-ever. I have corrected the typo and will be ever so alert to typing it in the future. What an eagle eye. Wanna be my editor on an on-going basis? Thanks for leaving your insight. That's how we learn!


  3. LOVE THIS SITE! I'm a seventh grade Special Education teacher, graduating from working with Kindergarten for 7 years, now in my 20th year tackling 7th grade - and feeling kinda flat. This site is putting a wind under my wings and causing me to get excited again - I KNOW my kinesthetic learners will get into a range of these foldables and get productive again. THANK YOU!


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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