Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ten Apples Up on Top: Headband

It's that time of year!!!

It's time for all things Seuss-i-cal.
It's a Seuss-i-ble Celebration!!!!

DRUMROLLLLLLLLL PLEASE!! Here's the finished project!!!

How much do I LUV seeing little boys hard at work on a project that requires dexterity and focus? You better believe it. It's PRICELESS.

That smile of "I DID IT!!!!" says it all!

(These were observations from just yesterday in dropping off my Wonder-Twins to their morning PreSchool in Ohio. It's fun to be a visiting 'dignitary' with an open invitation to see what's going on in the classrooms up and down the hallway.)

Thanks team!!!

Here are links back to previous connections to all things Seuss-tas-tic!!

Do you want to see the cute bulletin board for cats in their hats? Click back to this article here.

Or how about a print-making exercise to celebrate all things, "Green Eggs and Ham." If you're looking for green ideas, click right here to go back.

                                                            -- Debbie --

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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