Saturday, March 17, 2012

Once Upon a Time

 Once upon a time there was a gal who went 'shopping' for a fellow with red hair...... 
She searched: high and low.
She was so enamoured with carrot tops that she thought that would be the happily-ever-after-est. 
No red-headed suitors appeared.

There were NO red-headed babes for the searchin' gal. 

She never gave up her LUV of the carrot tops. 
Never ever.
Admired them where ever she traveled. 
She kept the glimmer of a dream alive over the decades. 

Can you imagine the rejoicing in the hospital nursery? 
The Twinzee-Babeez arrived safe + sound!!!!!

What is that on the top of Baby B's head???

The nurse in the newborn-nursery's first question? 
"So who is responsible for this little red-head?" 

All I could do in response? 

Moral to the story? 
Keep on wishin'.............
Keep on dreamin................. 

One day your very own fairy may land right in your cabbage patch!

-- GeeGee --
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  1. What fun to be able to read your clever writing and enjoy these wonderful photos. Adorable! Carokyn

    1. Thanks Carolyn!!!!
      She has a way of lighting up my very heart.
      It was fun to capture her in action.
      (We never did find her missing slipper. LOL)


  2. Awwhhh .... what a beautiful little redhead too!! She's grown so much since I've seen her last! Getting prettier every time:)

    Love love love


    1. Coonie!!!! I literally put these photos 'up' for her mommy, my mommy and you! I knew you needed a fix of little Red. I'll give her some neck sugars just for you!



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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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