Friday, March 2, 2012

Fine Motor + Fine Arts Part IV

It's a series!!! With more ideas!

Do I have your attention?
This is the end result we're looking for...... fine motor fingers that can express + communicate.

As an author/illustrator my favorite thing on earth is to get invited into a school, (center or library) and share my projects -- songs + children's picture books with the kiddos and the adults who love and support them. These next several images are going to be from my recent visit to Preschool in Port Orange, Florida. I LUV'd seeing what they were working on just prior to my leading concerts for all of the young children.

Look at these beauties!!! First from the gifted and talented range of the fine motor spectrum.

Next. Work by our challenged by fine motor friend.

After the tour of the their building and classrooms -- it's time to:
Gross motor leads to fine motor!


We want to have the children see US writing!!

Make lists together!!!

LUV'd getting an 'old-school' handwritten thank you card from a recent
Kingergarten visit in South Daytona, Florida!

As they see us write -- they will come to learn the power of writing their own thoughts!!
Do you think Samantha knows just a little bit about how much I LUV color?
From the hands (and heart) of a kindergarten child!

-- Debbie--

***This is indeed a 'series' that will continue to grow. I am calling it Fine Motor Friday and you can always find that label alphabetically in the list in the sidebar. Just click right here to see all five articles in the series to this point. I'll continue to add more as the week's unfold.


  1. Thanks for the Linky Party. LOVE your photos. Looks like everyone is having a great time.

  2. Amazing how much range there really is in our little ones' talents and challenges. That's why teachers have to be such superheroes and deserve our utmost respect! Thanks for sharing. :)


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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