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Best of 2012 Blog Posts 13 from '12

My BEST Blogging EFFORTS of 2012. 
A 'Debbie's-Dozen' of my Super Favorites!!

Isn't it wonderful to reflect? 
I've learned so much about blogging over the last year and I'm so grateful to all of the collaborations and support I've received from other bloggers. Today I'm thrilled to be part of a RoundUP of reflection and review coordinated by an amazing group, known as Kids Blogger Network. Such a supportive network of folks (yes 99% are women.) 

You can look right over in my left side-bar to find my Top 10 visited posts, which all were written in 2012. This was the year when I 'finally' figured out how I could contribute to the greater world through my blog. This was also the year of using Pinterest as my ambassador to the wider world. YEAH Pinterest 

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Yes. I now have 83,500 follower on Pinterest and the majority of my 'traffic' of readership comes from folks visiting by way of Pinterest! 

Here are the favorite posts that pop into my mind as I gather this together. (No doubt I'll edit it over and over again, as I'm reminded of other stellar moments of 2012. LOL) 

photo of: An "Open Letter of Encouragement" from Debbie Clement of RainbowsWithinReach
My Open Letter of Support for Those Working on Dreams 
I wrote that article while still flying mighty high on the fumes of the aftermath of giving my first national keynote presentation. I wrote it for every blogger, teacher, parent, inventor and artist that has encountered frustration and set-back in the pursuit of their dream. Pin it for when you need a pick-me-up. [CLICK HERE TO READ]

photo of: VISUAL Learning: Cues, Supports and Systems
25+ Visual Learning Examples: Schedules, Cues and Support 
My pride and joy as a blogger is the effort that went into the article that showcases dozens and dozens of visual cues and prompts for children. I took these photos during oodles of my author-illustrator school visits and then culled back through thousands of photos to pull them into one cohesive spot. I truly believe that this collection of images can be an awesome support to teachers and parents alike in supporting children that need additional/visual support for their day. I am happy crazy-cakes that it continues to climb my Top 10. [Click here to read.] I'd be THRILLED if you'd pin it to one of your boards for later reference and the ultimate share. 

photo of: Classroom Organization of Materials brought to you by RainbowsWithinReach
My FIRST ENORMOUS Organization RoundUP 
My first RoundUP of enormous proportions was the one that I did revolving around organization in the classroom! I get to see so many different vignettes of superlative spaces. It didn't surprise me that this article started climbing the Top 10 chart as soon as I hit publish. We're all looking for a better, easier, more organized 'system' for all of our stuff. The timeless nature of this will make it popular for ages to come! [Click here to read.]

photo of: 6 Different Fine Motor "Sign-in" Systems used in Preschool and Kindergarten, fine motor development
Six "Sign-in" Systems for Fine Motor Work 
2012 was the year that I launched my on-going series for FRIDAY FINE MOTOR. Since this is Friday, it wouldn't be write right to have a list of favorites and not mention all of the fun and enthusiasm I have generated sharing ideas under that cabana. The label Fine Motor Friday will take you to the entire collection of 40 articles, filled chock full of ideas. This particular article has 6 different 'sign-in' systems that I observed across the country. It also takes you to 'later' systems that I observed after I'd written. [Click here to read the article.] {If you're looking for all 40 articles then you want to click on this label to get to the whole collection.}

Photo of: Bulletin Board Round-UP via RainbowsWithinReach (All Seasons!!)
Bulletin Board RoundUP Across the Seasons

This was another summer RoundUP (meaning I had time available to gather up all of the images to share.) It seems that everyone is searching for bulletin board inspiration. So I'm glad that you've found inspiration in this collection. I see some of the greatest ideas on my travels. [Click here to go see the entire collection from the initial article. Since pulling that one together I have started using the label/tag for subsequent bulletin boards..... click here to see a variety of later bulletin boards from this year's school visits.]

As for me? I have had 'favorite' articles, sometimes they are something of my telling a story, that have never made it into the Top 10 -- but are moments that have touched me very deeply. At the top of that list, is my effort to 'retell' the "Lion Lady" story. That is the miracle of how my dollar investment at a Resale shop motivated a young boy to enunciate his first spoken word. The article is more of a celebration of the lengths that parents go to support their children, particularly children with special needs. [Click here to read this one, and perhaps bring a tissue.]

photo of: Kindergarten LUV and lessons, Author Visit Impact at Elementary School
The Impact that Teachers Have on Their Students
While we're on the tearful favorites, this is another amazing 'story' that unfolded without a script, but we just happened to have a camera that documented the cheesy ear-to-ear smiles at the beginning and the squeezing, sobbing heart-felt goodbye 45 minutes later. I attempt to tell you what happened in between. This is a shameless promotion for inviting 'authors' into your schools. If K teachers are revered, then picture book author illustrators walk just above the planet in the eyes of some students. [Click here to read this delight.]

photo of: Upcycled Cooperative Mural from Bottle Lids and Tops

There have been moments through out the year when I have marveled at the progress of my blogging efforts. I gasped the morning that I walked into Sutter Park Elementary and took a ton of photos of the.most.amazing. mural from recycled materials that I've ever seen. My head twirled around on its axis when the artist behind the mural contacted me, because she 'saw' my article. (I bet Pinterest was involved!) [Click here to go back to see these amazing images close up!]

photo of: Kindness Inspiration, Filling Buckets + Emotional Intelligence RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach
Kindness RoundUP 
Never has there been a more important time to teach children about the basics: kindness + all of the other variations for emotional intelligence that build better people, right from the beginning. This article shares ideas from classrooms and family rooms -- from both teachers and parents. [Click back here to read those amazing and inspiring ideas -- used across the country!]

photo of: Collage of 100th Day Celebration Art, Math and Science Projects from Rainbows Within Reach: Author Illustrator visit with Debbie Clement
100 Day Celebration
At this time of year I would be a poor reporter if I didn't think of the needs of my readers. This is the time when teachers start to plan-in-earnest for their 100th day party. I was fortunate to be able to chronicle a ton of clever ideas during my visit in South Daytona Elementary. I know you'll appreciate peeping in on that celebration as documented in the photos in this article. [Click right here to see the details.]

I get invited for these big celebrations due to my own projects. I have written over 100 songs for children and turned three of them into traditional picture books. 

photo of: Three Picture Books by Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach

This was the year that I joined Teachers Pay Teachers!!! I am now making zipped files of my original songs for children that include an Mp3 of the song and pdf and or power point slides of support materials. I have just begun to get some traction there! Please come over and follow my store so that you get a notice when I upload a new product. By all means pick up your FREEBIE.

At this point I have all three of my picture books listed as hard copies to ship, but there are also digital versions if you have more of an immediate need for the song, with the sign language chart and music notation.           

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -
OK. If you're reading along in real time, you'll notice that I have quite gotten to my fave dozen..... but Peggy and Joe are here and its time to leave for the gallery hop. I'll finish up later tonight! 

-- Debbie -- 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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