Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wobble Seat "Demonstration" 10" Height for the Youngest!


We have arrived at WonderPeep Central and are camping in and getting caught up on all things Peep-like! You should see our car on these cross-country vagabonds. Do you know the spacial game Tetris? Good thing my hubby excels in this area of spacial planning. 

Anyhow. Part of the great fun of the month-of-May, is that beyond connecting again with our dear family.... is the opportunity to connect with our friends, too! 

I have written about "SuperManny" on numerous occasions in the past. He is the poster child for overcoming and persevering! He was an early, early preemie and then diagnosed with cancer. He has overcome so much in his five years. He is a true delight and has the most amazing personality. 

I was super excited to introduce him to the "Wobble Seat" that we distribute. He is still small for his age, so I thought the smallest version, at 10 inches would be just right for his height. It is light enough for him to carry it easily! Super independent. 

In a nutshell? HE LUV'd IT!!!!

I was very excited to see him acclimate to it from the first second. 

People always ask  if children will fall off, as they are seated on the wobble. I am thrilled to report that in approximately 30 minutes of rocking on the wobble, there was never a moment where he even came close to falling off. He reached, he stretched, he sang, he did puzzles, he laughed, he hammed it up for us and all with complete and utter safety! 

We got out a little area rug to place on the hardwood floor, to give some buffer to the stool. At the end of the half an hour, we removed the rug and even directly on the hardwood floor, he was completely at home and at ease. 

Please visit our website for the specific sizes, colors and prices. 

I have to figure out how to get his little videos from FB to here? Hmmmm.

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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