Sunday, May 31, 2015


The month isn't quite officially over, but my heart is over-flowing! 
This month has brought sooooo much into my life and heart and all of the fun has contributed to the family checkbook, too. 
People have responded to our need! 
It literally SHOWS on the bottom line. 
God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good!!! 

We have arrived at our little haven-on-Earth.
We've arrived back to Sister Bay in Door County (WI.) 
We're a lot 'later' than last year. 
My favorites: the Bleeding Hearts were happy to see us.  

Seeing these pink blossoms dripping over our hostas nearly brings me to tears. 
They always make me think of my BC {Breast Cancer} community.
So many hearts strung together. 

We've had one memorable sunset to start the season. 
All is well. 
We return to all that is familiar. 
There is an enormous exhale.

The first sunset of a new season brings a rush of emotions. 
Everything's back to 'normal.' 
In reality. Everything has changed. 
The sun comes up and the sun goes down.
Gravity holds us all in our places.  

After we got settled and our internet was connected, 
we've been able to access our extended family's 
brush with national notoriety. 

Turns out our dear son-in-law, Zac, who now plays 
with THE Navy band, 
had a Memorial Day concert as part of Prairie Home Companion. 

That is pretty amazing. Right? 
At nearly the half way part of the two hour program, 
THE Garrison Keillor popped back on the stage and INTERVIEWED Zac! 
He actually plays a  bass trombone SOLO 
Listen here. Go to the 58 minute mark. 

Earlier that week, I made my first-ever-Chicago-land Author-Illustrator visit! 
Amazing how many dots got connected in time to pull it together. 
I never tire of seeing my name up in lights! 

It turns out that I got to walk into St. Mathias Elementary, 
because Nicole-the-Kinder-Teacher is a blog reader. 
She had seen my name mentioned on numerous blogs and reached out for me to do a SKYPE visit.
We did that while I was still in FL.  

Once I learned that she taught in downtown Chicago, 
it was just a hop, skip and a jump to get a date for me to arrive in PERSON!

As we finally had a chance to visit, I learned that she'd read of my SKYPE visit with Maria over at Kinder Craze where she is a regular reader. Maria's blog article was WELL over a year ago. 

Just goes to remind me that seeds planted today 
come to fruition in their own season. 

I just had this sweet writing posted to my FB page. 
How incredible is that? 

My song, "Red, White and Blue" is a kinder fave! 

When we were settling in here at Birch-Tree central, 
I found my bea-u-ti-ful Frog Street bag! 

I keep it up here to take to my quilt Guild meetings. 
I'm so excited for July! 

Just before we left Columbus we had the opportunity to go hear the Shadowbox outdoor concert on the Commons in Columbus, with our blue-eyed daughter! 

It was such a perfect evening of talent and fun. 

The child cleans up well. Doesn't she? 

We got to meet and greet with the cast before hand! 
I especially appreciated the "Buckeye" merry-go-round! 

So proud of Sarah's continued growth and expansion with her small business at Younique! 

She has earned the company's latest incentive! 
A $500 bonus figures HUGE in her current world. 

She is eager to expand and is searching for new virtual hostess folks. 
That's an easy way to show your support! 
Reach out with an email of FB message if you are willing. 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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