Saturday, May 9, 2015

HAPPY Mother's Day: Four Generation Praise Report!

My blessings overflow as I consider the official holiday
 to celebrate our mothers and motherhood. 
We are in the midst of celebrating a four generation family lineage. 
There is no greater gift possible. 

While we are spread about the countryside, 
there are moments of complete togetherness that are treasured. 
Having my own mommy at the helm is a gift beyond measure. 
She sets the standard for creativity at the very zenith! 

It is this weekend that I reflect on what motherhood has brought to me. 
These incredible women are shining stars
 that bring me happiness and delight! 
I stand in awe of their combined persistence + resiliency. 
They are following their unique giftedness 
and I treasure the opportunity to see their lives unfold. 

This has been the cross-country trek week. 
We were blessed with safe travels from the palm trees to the pines. 
In between we descended on my parents and sister, 
for quite possibly the shortest visit of all time. 
Breakfast and worship together. 
Hugs and a few tears. 
Time to treasure: 
especially because of the brevity. 

Aren't we supposed to be in the era of clicking heals 
transporting us instantly into the arms of our loved ones? 

When will the science fiction comics of my youth catch up? 
Allen's many, many, many hours behind the steering wheel attest to that gap in actuality.
From breakfast with mom to lunch the following day with daughter. 

No time for lingering yet. 
From Columbus on to Detroit and the warmth of a spontaneous group hug of littles.
A moment to be frozen in time to treasure at leisure. 
Spending the day with about 222 preschoolers? 

The *A*M*A*Z*I*N*G* thing about the Month of May? 
It is like "old home-week." 
Party after party. 

Annually, I treasure May for many reasons!
This year is even MORE splashed with gratitude.
I am called to lots of "end-of-year" events 
where I contribute the polka-dots. 
It also means that I am returning to places I've been before. 

Amy's been promoted from teacher-to-principal.
To go to their home was like an oasis. 
We've stayed with them before. 
She is an incredible cook! AND BAKER! 
But it is her supportive thoughts & prayers that kept me operational.
Plus she loaned me her favorite book to read! 
I'll take a picture of that for next week + give a report. 

Just before we left Florida, I made a school visit to Cheryl's. 
Their school tech genius got my permission to film some video. 
I just received the sweetest 2.5 minute memento! 
That's a screenshot, look below for the invite to click + watch!  

Click right here to go to the video!
Debbie Clement, Author and Illustrator
Posted by W. E. Cherry Elementary School on Friday, May 8, 2015

Another, before we left FL highlight? 
We got to spend a couple of nights with Allen's sister! 
They've started a new home business! 
Custom machine embroidery. 
I fell in love with their thread wall! 


Is it absolutely awful that I forgot to pose a pic of the four of us? 
The thread was just too breath-taking! 

I always forget to click when I'm feeling the most relaxed. 
Their business is D&J Embroidery
I helped them get started here on Instagram. 
They are all set up to create your CUSTOM designs.
Look what they created for our Younique business! 

Speaking of Younique! 
Since yesterday was the 8th of the month, 
our daughter Sarah learned "officially" that she has earned 
the company's incentive cruise! 

She signed up in January and cruise earned at the end of APRIL! 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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