Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#TeacherFriends Planning Ahead for NEXT Year w Maggie!

TUESDAY! Let's get our TWEET on! 
Meet your fellow cyber #TeacherFriends
Curl up in your jammies and begin planning for NEXT year! 

The very best time to begin planning ahead? 
While the success and stretching of this year is fresh in your mind! 
Who better to lead the conversation that our very own
Meet Maggie!

The two of us are kindred spirits indeed. 
Maggie is the REAL deal musician and an accomplished pianist! 

Did you know that she and her hubby built their own home around her concert piano? 
The woman is talented! 

You know that she's a blogger, because she has her very own 'mini-me.'
She's the brains over at Maggie's Kinder Corner.  

Maggie is part of the Fearsome Foursome and acts as hostess of our chat: week in and week out! 
As we close in on the first anniversary for our PRACTICE chat, 
regular participants recognize Maggie for her tweeted tidbits of best Twitter practice. 

Maggie is responsible for these types of nuggets. 
Do you know the hashtag #TCV?

#TCV = TwitterChatVirgin
It was something of an in-house joke when we launched last summer. 
How far we have come in 48 weeks! 

She's taught kindergarten for-ev-er! 
Plus she's a gen-u-ine grand-ma! 
I told you we were kindred spirits. 

June is just around the corner. 
Come learn how to twitter-chat! 
Arrive at 8:30 when things are slower and more informal. 
THE REAL FUN will start at 9:00 PM EST. 

This week we are again grateful to ESGI Software 
for their sponsorship of all of the learning! 

Just in case you don't get the winning software prize, 
you can use my Affiliate code and save $40 by using B1215. 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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