Sunday, June 1, 2014

Freebie Summer Subway Bucket List Printable

FREEBIE Summer Subway Bucket List Printable from Debbie Clement at RainbowsWithinReach

Can you believe that June has arrived!?! 

That means my article for today is over at "PreK+K Sharing." 
I created my list of  "10 Things I Want to Do this Summer."
over at our Early Educational Emporium.} 

What's on your list? 
Will you get to roll down a hill? 
March in a parade? 
Read a book by flashlight?
Hang upside down on the monkey bars?
Have a watermelon seed spitting contest? 
Blow gigantic bubbles? 
Play catch in the backyard? 
Gather sea shells?
Take a picnic to the park?
Throw a frisbee?
Hunt for four leaf clovers?
Go to a planetarium?    
Jump off the diving board?
Pick a dandelion bouquet?
Paint your tennis shoes?
Buy ice cream from the ice cream truck?
Go to a farm?  
Skip rocks?
Braid daisy chains? 
Roast a hot dog over a fire?
Go tubing down a river?
Take some bread to feed ducks on a pond? 
Hang some laundry out on the line? 
Catch some tadpoles?
Play croquet? 
Go barefoot? 
Make a daisy chain? 
Play freeze tag? 
Tell ghost stories?
Take a nap in a hammock? 
Go on a hayride? 
Play trucks in the dirt? 
Fly a kite? 
Kick the can?
Dig in the dirt? 
Chase butterflies? 
Start a rock collection? 
Go to the library? 
Paint pictures on your driveway? 
Light sparklers? 
Make a scrapbook? 
Wade in puddles? 
Plant some seeds?
Run through the sprinkler?
Play hide and seek?
Go to a drive-in movie?
Take a road trip? 
Adopt a pen pal? 
Photograph some butterflies?
Visit a museum? 
Read a best seller?
Make mud pies? 
Go fishing? 
Build a fort? 
Go roller skating? 
Jump on a trampoline? 
Outrun your shadow? 
Go to a ballgame?
Write a letter that requires a stamp? 
Start a collection? 
Ride a horse? 
Serenade your neighbors? 
Put on a play? 
Hike in a park? 
Study a map? 
Begin a journal? 
Take everyone to a putt-putt course?
Make ice cream? 
Throw rocks in a stream?
Ride a roller coaster?
Play an instrument? 
Build a fairy house?
Plant a garden? 
Make a movie? 
Chase fireflies? 
Sleep in a sleeping bag? 
Go to a National Park? 
Learn the words to a new song? 
Memorize a poem? 
Pick some wild berries? 
Paddle a canoe? 
Attend a fiesta? 
Learn a new sport? 
Run around the block? Or a Marathon? 
Hang some of your artwork?
Make snow cones?
Climb a tree? 
Count the stars? 
Go on a scavenger hunt?
Wear sunscreen? 
Play badminton?
Go to a garage sale? 
Fly paper airplanes? 
Go to the state fair? 
Run in the rain? 
Break a pogo stick record?
Tour a submarine? 
Drive a go cart? 
Put on a play in the backyard?
Try a new recipe?
Weave a basket?
Give a puppet show?
Create a castle with goodies from your Recycle Bin?
Make your own list?


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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