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Win an "I Teach Kindergarten" Registration for VEGAS

photo of: Win an "I Teach Kindergarten" Registration for FREE at RainbowsWithinReach

Register to WIN an SDE "I Teach K!" Registration

Have I got INCREDIBLE news to share! Awesome. AMAZING news! 
I have just received word that my happy-colorful-rainbows-a-plenty blog is the conduit to give one fortunate *WINNER* a free registration to this summer's 
"I Teach K!" conference in VEGAS, baby! I am so excited to host this opportunity for YOU! I KNOW you're excited at the prospect of winning! 

Attending a national convention of this magnitude is transformational. Yes. 
The prize here is a FULL registration {worth $569} for all four days of sessions! YES!!! You could be chosen the lucky-duck winner for being an avid blog-stalker. Imagine the rejuvenation and inspiration you'll receive as a result of your attendance! I know you will have your professional battery JUMP-started as a result of your lucky participation. 

Do I look completely 'star-struck'? Meeting Deanna? YES!!!

Staff Development for Educators crafts inspiring conferences around the country, all year long. Without a doubt, VEGAS is the pinnacle of the year, when it comes to kindergarten. Under one amazing roof, you have the opportunity to hear from DOZENS of your favorite presenters. Your biggest challenge will be to decide who to choose in each segment of the day.

JUST THINK who you could hear. Who you can meet! Your blogging author-friends are presenting. Your TeachersPayTeachers friends are presenting. Your #kinderchat friends are presenting. Your Google+ Kinderland friends are presenting. Your "PreK+K Sharing" authors are presenting. Well..... you get the idea! It's a BIG party! We want you!! 

A Glimpse from My 'other' NATIONAL Keynote Presentation: Earlier this Year! 

I have the ASTOUNDING, humbling responsibility of delivering the opening keynote on Monday morning at 7:45, July 15th. I have recruited many of your favorite K-bloggers to join me on stage for the opening number!!! Please bring your camera! Without a doubt this is the biggest opportunity of my professional career and I'm so grateful to Melissa Sheldon for the opportunity. [Listen to this video to hear directly from Melissa about the conference.]

I have two breakout sessions on Monday. Right before lunch is "Clap, Snap and Rap" and then right afterwards I will present, "Celebrate and Appreciate." Then yet that evening we all have the opportunity to hear Ron Clark's keynote delivery. That will be my first time to hear his inspirational story first hand. 

photo of: Three Picture Books by Debbie Clement of Rainbows Within Reach

*****Oh, AND at noon I will be signing my picture books on the Crystal Springs book signing stage!! The last time I signed books at "ITK!" it was beside THE Greg Tang! Star-struck. It's such a thrill to rub elbows with the BIG personalities. 

I'm telling you. There is literally early-educational-excitement around every corner! Probably no Elvis, but you can meet Deanna Jump, DeeDee Wills, Kim Adsit, Kim Jordano to name just a few. PLUS fellow music friends: Maryann Harman and Stephen Fite. Look right here for the full list of presenters. STARS!

My Last Opportunity to Shine on the Crystal Springs Book Signing Stage in Vegas was with Greg Tang

Rafflecopter will be responsible for this important selection. I have set it up for you to have a number of ways to enter: follow here, pin, follow there, tweetness. Follow the steps within the contest to receive your many opportunities to put one more ticket into the big, revolving cyber drum. 

Then cross your fingers. Hold your breath. Stand on one foot. Squint. Carry your lucky four leaf clover and rabbit's foot until Sat. morning, when the 'copter will select the winner. That will give you exactly one month to get your ducks in a row!!! I'll save you a seat in the front row for my OPENING KEYNOTE!

photo of: "You're Wonderful" by Debbie Clement Digital Download Available Now
My Classic "You're Wonderful" Now in Digital Download
As a sweet little consolation prize, just for playing along.......... I will be emailing a copy of my Kinder-Classic "You're Wonderful" to a handful of winners. It's the perfect end-of-year/graduation song. It's even better for your first day of school traditional launch song. Read the Kissing Hand. Go on a scavenger hunt through the building. Sing "You're Wonderful" together. Ta da!!! You're off to another amazing year. 

***Fine print. Yes. You will still be responsible for your own travel arrangements, housing and personal expenses including the little details like food. But you will have an entire month to have the bake sales and car washes necessary to ensure that you get to eat. I'll treat you to lunch on Tuesday. By then I should be able to breathe again. 

If for some reason you are NOT selected as the fortunate recipient, take a deep breath. I am already scheduled for four SDE 'regional/state' events for next year. I will be presenting keynotes in Atlanta, Indy, Chicago and San Marcos, TX as of this moment. So there are several opportunities for us to meet, that may be closer to your front door. I will do my best to keep my calendar up to date, so you know where to find me. 

UPDATE: This just in! The blogger/teacher, teacher/blogger VEGAS get-together has just been announced! Save Tuesday evening to rub elbows with your blog-stalking besties. 

The winners have been chosen. 
I have just received an email from Ann Greene that she has accepted a new position and that she must attend training that will conflict with your attendance in Vegas. 

She very graciously passes the baton to BRENDA!!!! 


BRENDA!!!! You are entitled to the FULL REGISTRATION!!!!

I just sent you an email! 

Can't wait to hear from you! 

 -- Debbie -- 

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