Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!


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DADDY, Father, Dad, DaDa, Papa, Pop-Pop

No matter what term of endearment you use.... today is a celebration of the foundation of the family. Today is a celebration of the men in our lives. The bedrock. The compass. The navigator. The father. The center. Our dads. My dad in particular in this article. From there I would be remiss if I didn't give some additional love to the other daddies that surround me. So today is about our whole, extended tribe. This one's for you. 

Nucleus of the Fiedler Family plus the bookend Son-in-Laws

I am the most fortunate of all the fortunate ones, in that I am currently in a four generation configuration of love and support. I have my daddy, still-on-this-earth, to treasure and appreciate. I have a wonderful father to acknowledge and adore. Here are the four of us original Fiedler-children gathered on the occasion of your 80th trip around the sun. Four+ years ago already! What incredible fun it was to truly surprise YOU, dad! Feels like yesterday. Where does the time go? 

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. 
So I've gathered up several LOTS of pictures for you today, dad. 
Each image conveys another aspect of your parenting to me. 

Let's start from the very beginning. 
That age of black-and-white memories to savor and hold. 
They were simpler times then, in many ways. 
Those times, like today though were filled with laughter and fun! 

photo of: Little Debbie with Happy Smiles in the Land of Black and White

We romped about with our imaginations. 
The wonderful world of make-believe and dress up was part of my childhood.  

This image of 5/6's of our family in the act of reading together is one of my all time favorites!

That's what I remember. 

Dad, I remember the time you caught me reading-by-flashlight, under the covers, well past my bedtime. 
While you did your best to scold me, 
I remember your permission to allow me to finish the chapter.
How you encouraged us to read!

Looking back now from my grandparenting perspective, 
That's one of the my favorite gifts to bestow: 

All of that reading gave us a sense of adventure! 
Far-flung places. 

photo of: Black and White Family Photo Adventures
Our Minnesota Fiedler-cousins

You were the cross country adventure director, dad. 
We crossed back and forth from coast-to-coast and followed maps to unknown destinations together. 
You drove us from one incredible vista to the next.
I wonder how many state and national parks we saw?

We got lost and we got found again and again.
Remember, Trail 7? 
What a hoot of a hike!  

You lit in me, my a joy of travel and exploration. 
The family-Fiedler vagabond, pack sleeping bags and lantern: 
and away we went! 

Kindergarten Debbie 
I remember the day you walked me into my new kindergarten classroom dad. 
I remember quaking in my shoes as we climbed those lofty steps together. 
I remember your bear paw mitt of a hand holding mine as I ventured into the unknown.
Your strength gave me calm. 
I remember.  

Returning recently to the sleepy village of my kindergarten-Batesville, 
It was amazing to find the stained glass windows: 
Just as I remembered them. 

These are my first 'real' memories of your standing tall in the pulpit and preaching, surrounded by these incredible windows. 
Your words and all of that color! 

Then the most amazing thing happened. I became a mom! 
I got to be blessed to see you in your role as grand-father. 
You came for Noelle's baptism and took Sarah around the block -- more than once! 

Your big bear-paw mitts held a whole new generation. 

Only a few more decades until you became a GREAT grand-father. 
And yet, there you are still reading books to the ones you love! 

photo of: Reading Across the Generations at RainbowsWithinReach

Before you know it, you're curled up with not babies but children. 
Blessed beyond measure!  

And now another sprout in the great-grandchild category! 
BLESSINGS galore! 

Let's shift gears slightly and use today's platform for the additional 'daddies' that are in my life. 
Today is a day of DOUBLE celebration for our Scott-daddy. 
I'm fortunate to have added amazing sons, the dear hubbies of our girls. 

Today is Scott's birthday. 
Double the blessings. 

Our Scott is deployed half-a-world away and I know that you continue to hold him in your daily prayers, dad. 
That gives me comfort -- while he is on the other side of Earth. 

Scott you've come and gone before. 
We attempt to adapt to your absences. 
We rejoice in your safe returns. 

You safeguard us with the continued ability to pretend and we send you our silliness on this your doubly-special day! 

Our ever-growing, WonderBoy- the-Scout, salutes you today. 

Now, let's shift gears again. 
To the other man-in-center-of-my-heart. 

Here's my dear husband in his role as GRAND-DAD. 
Passing on his love of flight and worlds beyond. 

He's been called into duty to walk down the aisle,
making precious memories in the process. 

Grand-dad volunteered to drive the twins cross-country and shepherd them so their mommy could recuperate from her surgery. 

More memories. For another generation. 

What is it about seeing grandfathers with their grandchildren walking hand-in-hand? 
TREASURED moments from the family vault. 

Here's is the latest addition to our family tribe, our own #7!! 
This is little miss daisy girl having a deep philosophical conversation
with my dear hubby, her sweet grand-dad. 

And here's that daisy girl taking flight just a few weeks ago.
Daddies bring muscle and energy and toss their loved ones, 
no concern for gravity.

Daddies give their children literal-wings. 

Whether in his role as grand-dad or step-dad...... 
Allen has 'been there' for all of us. 

Occasions of celebration. 

He has stood by me, as my rock in my own journey against mortality. 
He has cheered and held my hand and dried my tears. 

So I wish all the daddies in my life a day of their choice. 
Fishing. Golfing. Watching your favorite sporting event. 

I'm so fortunate to have each of you in my life.
I give thanks for the many hats that you each wear.
I celebrate all that you do daily on behalf of our tribe, our family.

All my love, 
-- Debbie -- 

I'll get the pdf uploaded LATE tonight, after all of our own celebrating. 
I'll get the link added when I do. 

By-the-way, here's the companion piece I created for my mom. 
I've still got to get that into a pdf. 
Maybe tomorrow? 

photo of: "Things I Learned in Mom School" Subway Art at RainbowsWithinReach (Mom encouragement from a Grandma)

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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