Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year! New Energy! New Chapter! #Younique #Smallbiz

Younique Chapter Begins for Debbie Clement

HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY New Chapter! Happy Younique! 

As I wind up this calendar year and count my many, many blessings I also begin to plan in earnest for the happiness ahead over the next horizon. 

As I type, we are concluding a week long adventure that included some incredible moments of four generation memory making. We are on our way, as I type, to the airport to drop off the #WonderPeeps for their return trek to Ohio. We are so fortunate to have spent time together as a family from across this country and up and down this hemisphere. 

Surrounding my parents {in the middle above} are much of my family and my sister's as well. We had much to celebrate in our time together, but the crowning jewel, quite literally, was the baptism of my grand-niece by my father last Sunday. 

There is quite a story to tell, but this is one of those times when indeed a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps ten thousand? More? My dad has performed the baptism for all five of the GREAT grandchildren. This little sweetheart has triple citizenship, as her daddy gives her the US connection, her mommy is from Portugal [gaining English at a phenomenal speed] and she herself was born in Paraguay where Justin is a kindergarten teacher. Got that? 

Look closely at the interaction between father and daughter. Need I type any more? 

I must say that mommy Joana has learned about attire ALL on her own. 
I promise I had no input what-so-ever into her selection of polka-dot dress-wear! 

All too soon we were saying good-bye to the extended family. 
I had just enough wits left to pose these two favorite shots. 

Going through my phone and reliving my favorite moments from the last 10 days. These two amazing women that I get to call daughters? 

Me and my two girls. 

And here's what four generations of "Fiedler-women" look like, 
just before we took off to head further south --
back to home base in FL.
Blink your eyes and there's sand between our toes! 
Our FL week was filled with sunshine and warmth! 
Just like the postcards advertise. 

This year the WonderPeeps were AVID wave players. 
They LUV surfing in "Uncle Randy's Ocean." 
(Known to others as the Atlantic.) 

I took a gazillion Peeps-at-the-Beach photos over our SEVERAL days of sand digging and wave splashing, but the summary above gives you some basic insight. 

Then there's the pajamaz and presents. 
We had one day of gray, clouds, mist and overcast. 
The PERFECT backdrop for a trip to an aquarium and science stop: West Palm here we come. 


We then bounced between beach and pool and pool and beach!
I wonder how many miles they swam during this trip? 

We capped off our time together,

With Captain Grand-dad at the controls and a trusty first mate we went up and down the Indian River taking in the blue skies and rumbling over the wakes of other boats out for a spin. Just enough of a thrill for all aboard. 

It was the nature tour of a lifetime! We saw literally dozens of dolphin careening up and down and often right up close. While parked for a stretch we saw a pod of manatee poking above the water along a recessed lagoon. All of which were awesome. 

Yet the most amazing couple of minutes of the day were seeing a four to five foot 'ray' leap above the water, flip and do a thunderous slam back against the water. The first time it happened it was so startling that I shrieked. Then within a minute it did the leap, flip cavort sequence all over again AND AGAIN! Monumental! 

So that's the back drop from the highlight reel. 

NOW. On to this next new crazy chapter, just barely beginning to unfurl. Our oldest daughter, Sarah has signed up with "Younique"..... the company famous for their two step mascara. Like a duck to water. She is a third generation of women in our family jumping into direct sales.

Take a look for yourself! She's on the road to growth ahead! 

Younique Chapter Begins for Debbie Clement
That's our daughter Sarah and her WonderPeeps as she launches her new home-based business with Younique

In an effort to support her and offer a possible business to others, 

What's a GeeGee that has never owned mascara doing selling it? 
You can read all about my rationale and goals on my company 'about' page.  

Younique Chapter Begins for Debbie Clement

Take a look at Sarah's two eyes and compare for yourself the outcome of the 'traditional' mascara to that of the super charged Younique two step combo pack. 

In the two weeks that I have been with the company, I have already sponsored my own first TWO presenters. These two women have their own goals and plans. I know each of these gals because of my blogging and social networking efforts. 

My first presenter {downline} is Christina Chitwood, with a myriad of talents and capabilities: including professional ice skater, personal trainer and author/speaker! She has already recruited her own first presenter. She's off to the races with her own fast track. I know Christina through her mom Deb, of Montessori fame! I'm using my crystal ball to predict that Deb may one day be a part of our team.

My second 'recruit' is my blogging/twitter friend Maggie of Maggie's Kinder Corner. A talented musician, kindergarten teacher and grandma, she too see the potential! Maggie is now 24 hours into this new adventure with me. My happy company in this crazy new adventure now numbers FOUR! Four women, each setting their own goals to build up the self-esteem of others and build a business in the process. 

Are you looking for a new adventure? 
Do you need some 'play' money or are you looking to expand to build your own enterprise? 

I'd LUV LUV LUV to talk to you about the specifics of joining our little company of four. You're one click away from a whole new adventure! 

Younique Chapter Begins for Debbie Clement

If you're not ready to sign up as a direct sales 'presenter' and just want to get your hands on the goodies, you can always order directly from my Younique site, {{{set up immediately upon signing up with the company. What an amazing benefit for cyber-sales.}}}

I will have this badge in my sidebar moving forward. Just another way that you can support my efforts. Click for mascara or click to join our team! 

Younique with Debbie Clement: Buy Mascara or Build a Business!

We had a chance to play "make over" in between all the beach trips and the departure. 
Here is my untouched 'before and after' picture. 
The one-two combo really does work. 

I can't wait to try it on my own for our New Year's dance!
I'm wearing my Cinderella dress! 
I will be Cinderella indeed! Stay tuned!  


  1. Thank you for welcoming me aboard in grand style! It's an exciting time!

  2. I loved your post, Debbie! It's wonderful to be a part of Younique and your team! :)


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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