Monday, December 30, 2013

Instagram Linky Party: Get to know your Friends

This has been a great year for me to learn new things. 
I'm really late to the Instagram party, but I'm LUVin' it there. Here's my direct Instagram link! I LUV findin' others on the same creative-educational wavelength. Today Elizabeth from "Kicking it in Kinder" is hosting a linky to help everyone 'find' each other. Come join the fun. That's the two of us meeting each other for the first time in VEGAS last summer! Yes. She is that gorgeous, but the best part? She is just as delightful on the inside!

Instagram: IT'S VISUAL!!! I GET IT! It's also 'easy/quick.' Just gotta remember to post, comment, follow. Beware. Once ya get acclimated ya really do enjoy spending those very sparse discretionary moments of your day, on yet one more social network. 

I have had a mini-goal of posting one image per day. I'm probably at about 91% of that goal. I've gathered up over 800 followers in these several months. I work hard to keep it visually interesting and upbeat.... and minimal on the promotional aspect. I also think IG is a perfect format for upbeat/motivational encouraging quotes and sentiments. 

So I have three categories when I think about IG. 

1. Inspirational

2. School visit images.
I've also been sharing images from schools and sites where I make my author/illustrator visits. 

3. Family Fun.

The third category I tend to share:
Things that make me happy......
and random bits of the day. 

***Be sure that you're following my IG observations. 

Be sure that you link up at Elizbeth's linky. 
Be certain to follow 3 new folks from the linky! 

Easy peasy. 


While you have some time and you're linky hopping be sure you get over to Simply Kinder to find lots of other great blogs to follow. The investment of time will simplify your life in the long run! HoNeST! 


  1. Your 3 categories of posting pictures are fabulous! I love the inspirational quotes! What person doesn't need a little bit of inspiration in his or her day! Have a wonderful 2014!


    1. Thanks so much! I'm always hopeful that one of my little 'images' of combining a picture that I've taken with a quote will go 'viral' in the sense of helping others. This is my little contribution to adding some encouragement on this Green Earth.

  2. Love, love, love your categories!! I'm trying to be much more consistent about posting on Instagram...I've been a daily follower, but have been terrible about posting. It's so easy, especially now that I have some apps to help cutesy-up my pics! :)

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. I need to find some apps for the cutesy-up-ing of the pics, cuz that really makes them sing.... I am just beginning to figure out how to use my iPhone. I am the slowest of the slow!

  3. HA! I was just stressing a bit the heck am I only going to pick three photos? So I am going to copy your idea for my post!
    At first as I was reading your Insta-picks...I was thinking to is she not posting that leaf one of her grandson??!? Then BAM...there it is!
    Love and copying your idea!
    Here's to a colorful year! (when I think of you...I think of colorful and happiness-too cheesy?)
    Anchored in 3rd Grade

    1. Yeah to NO stressing -- just make up your own interpretations for the rules. TeeHeeHee. Feel free to adjust my concept of 'three' to suit your own needs. I'm sure Elizabeth won't mind. A colorful year for all! The best back at ya!

  4. What a great post. Thanks for sharing. I've linked up as well.

    1. Thanks so much. I've got to go back today and make certain that I'm following everyone!


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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