Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Wreaths for Kids on Paper Plates!

Christmas Wreath with Tissue Paper on a Paper Plate via RainbowsWithinReach

WREATHS! Christmas wreaths by little hands.
Wreaths with tissue paper build on paper plate foundations! Here's another 'no-fail' family project sure to please. The wreaths above are hanging on a classroom tree, decorating the space for everyone! 

The images below are the hands of my WonderPeeps at work! I just flew into oh-so-freezing Ohio last night and I thought this would be a  fitting activity to replicate while we waited for the school bus to afternoon kindergarten.  

We had suitable materials on hand: 
GLITTER glue pens -- that we finished off with this effort. 

Tissue paper, glue..... 
and the requisite paper plate foundation. 
"Dot, dot -- not a lot!" 

I'm back up here in the frozen tundra for another SDE Kindergarten conference. 
This week it was a return to my Hoosier roots. 

What a triumphant way to get to the conference center: 


This week it was a different slate of presenters. 
From l-to-r: Kim Adsit, moi and Shari Sloane. 

Here we are in a quick huddle, right before my keynote. 

Here's a quick peek at the involvement of the participants during my keynote. 
They are in the midst of singing and signing, 
"Red, White and Blue." 

This event was held in downtown Indy
in the midst of the historic Union Station, site of previous train operations. 
My breakout space was in the midst of all the historic beauty. 

I was absolutely fascinated with these incredible stained glass windows. 
There were a pair -- like bookends at either end of the rotunda. 
Since my room was up on the 2nd floor, I could walk right up to see the windows! 

Here's a final parting thought. 
A teacher 'quote' of sorts. 
I found the words in a Google search of teacher quotation images. 

There was no source given for the concept. 

In the process of attempting to juggle WonderTwins and write this article, my computer got shut down. Now how did that happen? I went back to search for the site where the above concept originated. Alas. I couldn't find it. I think it was called Happy something. Happy people? Happy teachers? No such luck as of yet.

In any case, while I was looking through various images, I found the following quote from Allan Bloom. and decided to go back and make a second choice of uplifting images. Which is your favorite? 

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