Monday, February 20, 2012

Writing Prompts from Photos, Part 2

As promised here's a second set of photo-writing prompts.
I'm creating these from my bountiful photo memory cards in an effort to link up with my cyber-blogging friends and their linky on all things 'writing.'

Let's start in the Swiss Alps for the more mature authors in the crew. This first image is from my fairy-book European tour last spring to four of our US Army Bases, where I sang with the children of our troops and gave staff development workshops.

I took this photo on our very last day of the adventure. We were returning from the final two weeks in Italy (which followed time in Germany) and were heading back to Zurich's airport by way of a GLORIOUS day in the Alps.

From the mountains to the islands. Grand Bahama to be exact. Last month.

This license is from our summer-haven romp.
It always makes me smile -- when I consider the very same questions!

This next one is also from our summer-haven.
This is the marina a block from our front door.
I walk down every evening to help the tourists clap for the splendor.
The sailboats are all tucked into their slips for the night.

And a parallel slide to match yesterday's, this time for my kindergarten girls....
artwork from my Author's school visit just last week.

And one more -- to conclude today's set.
This one for the teachers benefit.
This place really does exist on earth -- it's not just reality TV shows.
Educators can splash in these infitine waters!!

This has been so much fun!!!
I will continue to use this format for the future photos with no home.

These are linked up and added to the photo-prompt collaborative Pinboard.
They will be released in a FREEEEEE ebook version when the linky's complete!

Click back here to see yesterday's initial set in the series!

                                                                -- Debbie --

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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