Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dynamic Deborah Duo

Movers and Shakers. Game-changers. Quantum-leapers. Meet Deborah Stewart up a little bit closer. She is a dynamo of vision which is awesome, but she is absolutely a visionary when it comes to action-on-behalf-of-children and for that I stand even more in awe. The fact that both of us are named "Deborah Jo" and have Indiana-roots just adds to my list of smiles and reasons to like her. Here we are at the Indiana AEYC conference this spring, where I've asked Mrs. Stewart to join my stage as I share my song and it's picture book format, "Tall Giraffe."

I happen to know that Deborah likes this particular song of mine. I know because she's told me. She told me from the stage of her workshop for NAEYC in CA last fall. In front of a packed room, standing room only -- packed room, Deborah saw me in the pack stacked in the back and brought me to her stage. She then suggested that we sing "Tall Giraffe" together. Which we did accapello. There was instant acclaim. Much applause.

When I saw her in my packed workshop, I knew turn about was certainly fair play. So here she joins me, channeling her best Vanna White impression to turn the pages so I can lead the teachers in the sign language sing-a-long.

There are people who have given me a hand-up. Given encouragement. Given support. Then there are game changers. Game changers are the ones, who by their sponsorship and care giving, by offering their connections and connecting the dots help me make a quantum leap forward. Deborah is a Quantum-leaper.
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  1. Going to try to post a comment again...maybe using anonymous will let me! That is so cool about the two Debs and the story behind it. That's not the new skirt, is it?? (marlegal)

  2. Nope, Mary. That's the "old" skirt. Working to create a new one. Hope to have it ready sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for working to get a comment here.

  3. Deborah - you are such a dear sweet friend! I am so blessed to spend time with you any time I get the chance! Here's to future duets!!

  4. What fun! I love the work that you two Deborahs do, and it was great to read about your work in support of each other! You both rock! :) Deb @

  5. It's a convention of Debs and Deborahs!!!

    It is a monumental joy to meet others out on the trail. Then to get to have the opportunity to share & support one another is the cherry on the top!!

    Deborah is the cherriest of cherries!!!


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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