Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Parker-the-Elf & HoHoHo!

Have I told you how much fun it is to have a blog? Have I told you just how much I enjoy it? What fun to have a visual journal to keep, update and share. The responsibility of reporting my amazing days, my incredible travels and my delightful visits is the single most glorious treasure of my year's professional growth. I ADORE the idea of looking at what I'm doing thru the lens of sharing the experience with you: the days with children, the days in front of & among teachers and librarians, the days in my studio, the days of creativity-tending: be they cloud counting, restorative hikes, sunset watching, wave walking, or the herding of grandchildren..... all of these days are woven together, quilted, and make up the actual fabric of my life. [Editor's note: as of now, today I have my first "officially-registered" blog-follower!! Welcome Timalia!!!! WOW. Another first...... who wants to be second??]
Follow me down the hall at The Childhood League Center (the program which genuinely launched me: in all truth, both literal and figurative. The place of my very first full-time employment, right out of college, circa-last-century-1979.) The extreme windchill factor on Monday necessitated a change in plans.... no school on Monday, rearrange my trip till yesterday, Dec. 23rd. I wear all of my festive finery, bundle up and get downtown in time to be greeted by "Parker-the-Elf", fourth grade son of the very man-in-the-red-suit himself. Parker's fan club of extended family came to see the fun unfold. His grandparents were particularly appreciative of Parker's kindness toward the young children with special needs and their parents.
We had an entire morning together traveling from room-to-room, in an effort to help the children be as comfortable as possible with all of the excitement. With guitar in hand we started our visits singing our traditional songs of welcome and then introducing seasonal songs (did you hear the jingle of the bells?) Then Parker and I helped Santa garner as many hugs and high fives as possible. There are pictures from the E.I. crew (early intervention: younger than 3) and also from the preschool classrooms as well.
I can hardly wait till next year! Fa la la la la.

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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