Friday, December 19, 2008

Dorigen Bamfo Koomson

Periodically, I have to pinch myself. Today was one of those pinching days. After my enthusiastic morning with my bouncing buddies at Children's, I proceeded directly, further west to Amerisound Studios. We have been making progess continually on the new recording for Zaner-Bloser. The arrangements are now each getting their own 'special' treatment. We've been adding the professional harmonies, studio musicians and are just about to launch into the sound effects. PROGRESS!

My dear friend, Dan Green, had a brilliant insight. He is working on another project where he is mixing a choir's recording that features vocalists from Ghana, Africa. Dan's thought -- how about we invite one of those soloists to add some 'world-flavor' on my ZB recording? Snap your fingers, click your heels and before you know it, we have the young and talented Dorigen Bamfo Koomson adding her UNBELIEVABLE talent..... singing lead, alto and "turner." (A term from her native Ghana -- the high descant part.)

The dittie of this brainstorm is "Rain, Rain Go Away." Yes. The traditional children's chant..... only Ronn has arranged it with a whole new sound and feel, including African drumming as the template driving this sentiment to a whole new stratosphere of wow. We have truly gone international with the flavor of this piece. I sing: 'rain, rain go away' and then Dorigen sings the same chant in her native Ashanti language, as a sort of rain-esque echo, 'ensu, ensu, ko ko.'

It's just amazing. Simply amazing. Think Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo and you'll be in the correct ballpark. Thank you Dan. Thank you Dorigen. Thank you ZB!! This newest VOICE on the project is award winning.
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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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