Saturday, April 23, 2016

Praise Report: UPdate, Details, Reality, Progress, Gratitude!

Earlier this afternoon. 
Glorious day. 
Every single time that we walk on our beach........ 
I say, "We live here. We're not on vacation."
It never gets old + I think it is worth repeating.
Over and over. And over and over and over.
Do you have to have grown up in the midwest to LUV the beach?

Earlier this afternoon I dropped my iPhone into a bucket of water. 
I was watering our beloved new bougainvillea bush. 
I grabbed it back at the speed of sound. 
I then dunked it into a box of barley -- 
as we had no rice in the pantry. 

Within two hours, it turned on again! 
The picture above, I took on my phone. 
I didn't use a filter. 
That is the look of my camera, two hours after a phone soaking.

Anyhow. I am sooooo grateful.
For our proximity to the beach. 
And for barley. 

We designed this life. 
This beach-walking, traveling, happy chapter. 
We envisioned it. 
We worked for it. 
We built it. 
Step by step.
I am so grateful for all who have supported my growth! 

Here's a RARE opportunity to see me in action. 
For FREE! 
Mark your calendar and make your reservation! 
Bring a friend. 
We hope to fill the place!  

***Thanks to my sweet friend-of-faith, Pat Hickman, for recommending me for this EOY {End of Year} extravaganza! 
Come earn some of your professional inservice contact hours FOR FREE! 
Be sure that you get registered! 

Recently I announced being selected as an official Frog Street SPLASH ambassador for this summer's 2016 Conference in Dallas. Have we got an opportunity for YOU! 

The eight of us ambassadors are giving away a total of 8 FREE registrations to SPLASH, in a hop on instagram. This is the image you need to look for. 
{I posted it last night.}  

You get an extra entry for stopping (and following) each of our IG profiles.
You can start here at my profile and then hop through to the other seven. 
I seriously can not WAIT to see all of my #TeacherFriends! 
This will be a historic gathering, for sure! 

This has been an incredible week. 
We got to go to church with my parents
on a beautiful sunny, blue sky day! 
#Blessed #Blessed #Blessed

We were all together to sing a rousing four generation
He is ten! 
How is that possible? 

It was so awesome to hear him thanking us. 
He'll probably never realize what his expressed gratitude meant to each of us. 

Then a mere five days later? 
Happy EarthDayBirthday Twinzees! 

From Augusta it was on to our destination in South Carolina! 
That's where my gratitude circle comes to a full cycle. 
Due to the connectivity of FB, 
the very TWINZEES responsible for my speaking in SC 
earlier this year,
suddenly materialized right there in Manning in their ECE building.
Meet the Johnston twins!  

My SDE 'onsite' buddies had recommended me to SCECA, 
then the Manning principal Bett saw me there and 
bingo zingo we were all together again!
It is such an AMAZING experience to have the principal 
drive-the-train of my author/illustrator visit. 
Thank you Bett. You're an award winner in my book!  

Having my own 'groupies' along meant there's also a picture of me 
with the first grade giraffe artwork in response to my picture book 
"Tall Giraffe." 

Each friend that shares my work with a new sponsoring entity, 
keeps the lights on here
and allows me to contribute!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Our efforts at have really been gathering steam. 
Your orders indirectly paid our airline flight to St. Croix.

Thanks to Shelley Dartmann for the classroom glimpse! 

The numerous orders gave us enough points to fly to St. Croix for FREE!
It takes a village. 
Getting in front of the #AlternativeSeating stampede
was a gift from heaven. Literally. We're grateful.  

Speaking of keeping the lights on....... 
I have received an affiliate check from ESGI..... 
BIGGER than the last one! 
Every extra bit adds to the bottom line.
My affiliate code is B1215
You save and I benefit -- 
which means WE benefit as a family.

Speaking of great principals. 
Look who came to my house! 
Principal Peggy. 
I cooked her food. 
I fed her a meal. 
She is such a good listener. I am so fortunate.

Which brings me to my efforts at Younique cosmetics -- 
on behalf of our daughter and those glorious WonderPeeps above. 

The good news? 
Our daughter Sarah, is making a REAL go of becoming financially independent.
Her Younique 'company' is a HUGE part of her puzzle. 
Every order matters. 

Right this minute, the Corporate Y office has a new incentive plan. 
When Sarah reaches GREEN status every month for the next four months, 
she is entitled to an ADDITIONAL $250, EVERY MONTH!!!!
That is a HUGE opportunity for her!
Think what an extra thousand dollars can mean to her. 
She can apply all of that to her legal bills -- 
as it is 'new' money in her budget! 

When I say every order matters, I kid you not. Every order! 
To get to GREEN? 
Her whole group/downline crew needs to sell $10,000. 
She's on track. 
It is possible. 
That would give her an 'extra' thousand dollars by summer's end.
Please consider ordering from me -- to support her. 

I am searching for 'presenters' who need an avenue to their own independence and also those just looking for some 'play' money for the occasional 'extra.'
Each additional 'presenter' gives our daughter additional independence. 
Sarah has literally been able to pay her mortgage payment 
since her divorce has been finalized....
three months in a row, based on her leadership 'status' at Younique.
Her hard work over the last 15 months has literally paid off. 
It is happening. We are beginning to breathe again. 
No matter what challenges she faces
and the continuing unknowns and lack of continuity.....
and trust me there are plenty -- 
{send me a PM if you want to know the REAL story,}
she is learning how to make it on her own. 

Here's the link to my 'company'
where Sarah is my upline manager. 

My very favorite product.... 
that I use every single day is the lip gloss
The little mirror on the side is pure genius.
I have one in every purse I own. All three of them! LOL!

Sarah is 'modeling' the self tanning lotion in this next picture. 
If you want to support her directly, 
go straight to her site. 

Yes. I do help her out with these images. 
It is the least that I can contribute to her efforts. 
I have been sharing some templates to her RahRah group of recruits. 
We are EAGER to welcome YOU to the team!
Between the two of us, we are able to help you get your own dreams to fruition!  

This has been an interesting week for me in the "survivor" category, too! 
I'm grateful to the local medical supply company for hosting a Breast Cancer survivor day. 
They had a trained 'fitter' come to the area. 

I have a whole new set of wardrobe possibilities as a result. 
The next time you hug me, you may be aware of my new status. 
Six years since my bilateral mastectomy, 
and our increasing ballroom dance schedule motivated me.
Here's the pink rose that I was given that afternoon! 

And as always. 
I thank every angel in heaven for my Allen. 
He wears a LOT of hats around here. 
He does ALL the paperwork on the Wobbles! 

I saw this image on instagram and it says it all! 

My friend Barbara pointed out an old 'proverb' to me on FB recently..... 
"A mom can only be as happy as her unhappiest child." 

I hadn't heard that before and it is pretty profound. We have a long way to go before we hit HappyTown.... but at least we are making progress. We have challenges and they are real. We also have friends and support and opportunity and that is what gets us from one day to the next, that is as real as it gets! 

I'm praying for happiness for all children everywhere. Mine included. 

We have one more week here in our treasured Florida home, before we make the great migration north for the summer season. That means we're down to our 'last' of everything. Tomorrow is our last church service at "Christ by the Sea." 

Last night we had our last dinner party. 
We had 10 of our neighbors join us for dinner
here at the Happy House. 

Here's that secret. 
Three roasted chickens from Sam's club!!! 
(Two would have been plenty.) 
Have everybody bring a dish. 
Live next door to women who LUV to cook! 
Serve it all on your happy plates, with a smile. 

P.S. Invite Paulette and she will meticulously clean up the whole stack of nonsense afterwards. Even if you beg her not to. Surround yourself with amazing people, who go the extra mile. 


I am living a very good life. 
Barley and wonderful people. 
Thank you God for blessing me beyond reason. 
And they lived: 
"Happily Ever After." 

The End

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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