Saturday, April 30, 2016

Praise Report: Travels, Feedback, Progress, the FUTURE!

Writing a blog post, with your laptop in your lap, while the car is hurtling forward at 70+ miles per hour, is fraught with unpredictable possibilities. Like the post going LIVE after you've only added the title. 

I will continue to add more over the coming couple of hours. Check back later. This is a progressive-dinner type blog article. One morsel at a time!

This has been an incredible week of receiving feedback! I am so very blessed to have incredible teachers in my life who offer me encouragement and support by their response to my work! I am so #FortunateAndBlessed!

The quilt above arrived on my FB page. This incredible masterpiece was created in preschool!!!! Obviously, the teachers involved have incredible talent and mad skills: Open-ended individualized art meets awesome collaborative display! AWARD WINNING!

Can you imagine how full one's heart is to come to FB and learn that YOU have been the 'author' of study that culminates in a spring art show? Truly brings tears to my eyes. Humbling. #ArtMatters. 

Look at these STUNNING paper mache self portraits! 
  • "I think you're wonderful!" 
  • "I think you're marvelous!" 
  • "I think you're beautiful and magical..........." 
  • "and filled with curiosity.............. 
  • "and DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!" 

Look closely at these incredible three dimensional sculptures. 
They were created to model the spring/Easter hats! 

Last night at dancing, an elderly woman came up to me extending her hand. 
She told me that she understood that I was an author. She asked if I had time to visit for a few minutes.
 She asked about my work. 
She asked me what its like to have followed my dreams
and to have had the opportunity to watch them come to fruition. 


"----- and dreams..........."

Receiving the above feedback would be enough to keep even the most 'needy' diva smiling from ear-to-ear for quite a long time, don't ya think? Honored, indeed. 

Then one day earlier this week I opened an email and this image was attached. Spontaneous hug snowballs into a GROUP hug in South Carolina. IMHO. It is the biggest compliment that can unfold in an elementary school to receive a class-hug. 


I am the recipient of NUMEROUS memorable group hugs..... 
I even know enough to strike a 'mountain pose' when I sense that one is about to unfold. 
It is easy to get knocked over in the midst of the UBBER squeeze.

What is even sweeter? 
Having a sweet teacher email you the evidence. 
A picture is worth a thousand words! 

This week was also the "last time" for all manner of moments. 
It was our "last time" to go to our church (this season.) 

This was my second school year to volunteer weekly 
through our church's after school program. 
We tutor 4th and 5th graders and help with homework. 

As the year concluded, I 'volunteered' to introduce these BIG kids to my work. 
They were an absolutely superb audience. 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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