Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Win: Autographed Copy of the Novel "Kindergarten Baby"

Look what I have today! An autographed copy of the novel, 
"Kindergarten Baby." 

One lucky winner is going to win my copy!
That's just how kind I am. The sharing kind of kind. 
It has been pre-appreciated, but is in very good condition. 
[Though the bookmark did NOT weather my travels.]
I'm not even going to begin to tell you about this read. 
I don't want to be accused of spoiling your fun. 
Let me just say, it is *PERFECT* for your summer. 
Do you have a beach in your future? 
A daily trek to the community swimming pool? 
A rainy week at your family cabin? 

You don't HAVE to be a Kindergarten teacher to appreciate the nuance conveyed by character and setting, but if you've spent any time what-so-ever in a school building as an adult, this is your warning that you may forget all about laundry and groceries, until the last page has been consumed. 

What other novel is going to contain the two words: Dibels and condoms? 
There I go. Giving you a glimpse. I simply must stop right there!
{*I just didn't want you to think you'd earn Professional Development credit.} 

I had the opportunity to visit with author Cricket.
 I am very happy to share her 'back-story.'

1) Cricket. Teachers in the spotlight? Do you have a teaching background?

My very first and most memorable teaching assignment was with a group of 28 kindergarten students.  At the end of the first day of school, I went home and collapsed on the sofa. It took a week to build up the necessary stamina (physical and mental) to keep up with the students, but I loved it!

Other educational adventures included: 1-2-3 multiage classes, curriculum specialist, University of Arizona asst. professor, student teacher supervisor, and elementary principal.

The altar ego of the dog, Wendell, portrayed in "Kindergarten Baby" 

2) What is Kindergarten Baby about?

I like to preface the answer to that question with—Hint: it’s not about a baby!  It is a romantic mystery about an amazing kindergarten teacher, with a great dog, and a less than perfect love life. Actually, insert disastrous there.

About 20% of the story takes in or around her classroom.  But her quest for finding her very own happily ever after takes her to the Grand Canyon, North Dakota, and the Zuni Mountain wilderness in New Mexico.

crick and charlie

3) What’s next?

Kindergarten Baby is Book One in the School Days-Grimm Nights series.  It is followed by Book Two, A Break in the Clouds. The reviewers at BookViral wrote, “They are in love, but murder is on someone’s mind and it seems everyone harbors a secret. If you thought being a teacher lacked excitement, then it’s time for a little re-education as Rohman turns up the heat.”

Book Three, The Road Trip, will be available the end of September 2014. All three books contain some romance, mystery, humor, school and student topics, and Lindsey’s lovable and talented mastiff, Wendell.


4) Do you miss the classroom?

Hmmm. I do miss the students, their humor, their interests, and their needs. Many of my friends are teachers, so I visit and even teach a lesson now and then to keep me “in touch” but my current passion is writing. I don’t miss the politics  I consider myself a full-time writer now.

5) Advice for those that are thinking about writing a novel?

Decide how much time you can realistically devote to writing each day. Right now that might only be ten minutes or perhaps it is several hours. Whatever you decide, stick to it. Write something every day. (Shopping lists or To Do Lists DO NOT COUNT.)

Just think.  If you write a page a day, you will have a rough draft of your first novel completed a year from now. Then, you learn to love revision. I revised Kindergarten Baby four times before sending it off.

the journey
Taking a break and gathering feedback from friendly critics.... all in a day's work! 

6) What is your typical writing day like?

I rise at 5:45 am to the smell of coffee and head for my desk and laptop.

Basically, I write until 4:45 pm taking short breaks to stretch or have some food.
I devote an additional hour to marketing-type activities including tweeting/facebooking, etc. I am constantly learning about the publishing business and increasing my knowledge about writing, too.

I do keep a handheld recorder with me at all times. I find that some of my most interesting ideas or details come to me when I’m away from my computer.

I have to admit that I have trouble sleeping sometimes as the current plot swirls and twists and turns over and over in my head.  (I wonder how the writers of horror or zombie themes ever get to sleep.)

I do love to hear from readers. You are my motivation, my reason to write. Feel free to leave a message or comment on my website. I will get back to you.

One final footnote. Cricket attended our first ever #TeacherFriends Twitter Chat. I am tempted to predict that she will attend again in the future. Want to rub keypads with her? Make plot suggestions? Tuesday nights. 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Twitter. 

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