Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Practice" Chat on Twitter has First MysteryEduCelebrity Guest!

Twitter "Practice" Chat has First MysteryEduCelebrity Guest at RainbowsWithinReach


We continue on with our weekly "Practice" Twitter Chats. 
Tuesday nights. 
9 PM Eastern Standard Time 

Our Maggie was kind to make us a map to help with the time zone translation. 
This week I'm actually in the Eastern time zone. 
Must set alarm for myself! 

Tonight! Is GuineaPig with Gruener night! 
Needs a hashtag: 

We are going to continue to "PRACTICE" chat 
and add our first GUEST interview into the mix!
Yes. Moving forward we will have a 
#MysteryEduCelebrity Guest! 

One of the very best things about blogging? 
Connecting with folks in cyber-space and then meeting them in person!  

Yes. That is the dynamic duo of Barbara + MOI at her school!
That's THE Barbara Gruener of Corner on Character.
[She hosted my Author-Illustrator school visit!]

This photo commemorates the amazing moment when she walked back into her building, 
after being in a head-on car collision just weeks earlier.
(Her foot is in a boot, and her cast is covered by my book.) 

She was a dynamo BEFORE the collision. 
If you saw a photo of her car, 
you'd swear that there must have been a host of angels surround her. 
{{{Register for MADD.}}} 

In the midst of months of rehab, 
Barbara was compelled to bring her exciting ideas together: 
Her first published book was born! 

We're gonna Twitter-chat about all of this tonight. 
140 characters at a time.

Use the hashtag #TeacherFriends in every single tweet, to be catalogued into the chat. 

We will always refer to our chat as a "PRACTICE" chat. 
We welcome those new to Twitter, new to chatting. 
We really welcome accomplished chatters to support the newbies! 

Maggie made a cute certificate: 

Are you a #TCV? {TwitterChatVirgin} Join us and earn your certificate

Surely your participation this summer could earn some professional development? 
Now you'll have the certificate to demonstrate your commitment to professional growth! 

Kristen has been hard at work to explain the relative ease of using 

She's brilliant with the screen shots!

Tweet Deck 4

I know. 
Chances are good we're talking a foreign language. 
But I PROMISE you'll appreciate acquiring a taste for Twitter. 
It will give you access to educators around the globe, IN REAL TIME! 

***As motivation, let me remind you, that there are 
PRIZES given away every week! 

All you REALLY have to do is put the hashtag 
into the search function on Twitter. 
Follow the conversation. 

*Here's the storify version of last week's chat brought together by our own Kim of EducatorsSpinOnIt fame
techno goddess to the chat: 
You can read the entire hour long interaction from last week. 
Follow participants on Twitter. 
Retweet their insight. 
In the leisure of your quiet space.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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