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Top 10 Reasons We Love Mom! (Preschool Perspective)

Top 10 Reasons We Love You, Mom! The Preschool Perspective via RainbowsWithinReach

Mother's Day:Top 10 Preschool Reasons for Loving Mom!

In honor of Mother's Day on the horizon I wanted to give you a Letterman-like count down! I gathered up these images on one of my many cross-country Author-Illustrator school visits. I'm not telling you where, because they are just too universal to matter. 

***Reality check. If you're new here, I'm no longer a 'mom-in-the-trenches' as I have graduated from mom school and been promoted to being a GeeGee, with 7, yes I said SEVEN WonderPeep grandchildren in our tribe. Even better? We are a living four generation line of motherhood, as my mom is still at the helm guiding us all! If you're a mom, I know you'll LUV eating up these thoughts and images. ENJOY!

I LOVE MY MOM, BECAUSE.............
10. "She gives me candy and Oreos."

True Confessions. One of my least favorite responsibilities of parenthood was the cooking of all of the those meals: the planning, the preparation, the shopping, the cleaning up, the unrelenting need to pull one more meal together? Not my favorite part of motherhood. While I can't say enough about taking your child's health and well being to heart: balancing the food pyramid, reasonable portion sizes, plenty of fruits and veggies, lots of fresh air, exercise, an apple a day and all of the organics you can afford..... the truth of the matter? Allowing the occasional bit of candy or a cookie makes for a special sparkle between mom and child. Memorable. Appreciated. You see the evidence above for yourself. 

  9. "Her hair is cut and I love her work shirt." 

When they're little? We're loved for the simple fashion statements that we make -- just by getting our hair cut and dressing for work. They want to be like us at this magic age. No details are lost on the littles! Blue lipstick makes quite an impression after all. Fast forward to the time when they're in junior high and whatever you wear garners an eye roll at best. Treasure the years where your unique flair is appreciated, mommies! 

  8. "She does almost everything for me." 

There's a tight rope walk that we teeter upon as mothers. Roots and wings. Wings and roots. Teaching our children to ride their bike without training wheels is to allow them the opportunity for space and independence. All too soon, they travel beyond our immediate reach. How much do we 'do' for them? ALMOST everything when they're tiny and with the golden insight of giving further and further responsibility as they mature. After all. Our main goal in motherhood is to work ourselves out of the day-to-day job and support their growth over time. How soon? How quick? Apron strings getting severed is a very personal quest. Critical, but emotional. Time flies.

  7. "She helps do things I like to do, but not everything." 

Nate has the right idea, too! She helps do things, but not EVERYthing. Yup. It is a tightrope. 

   6. "I have her around the house." 

You simply must smile and sigh a little over Karly's insight. Having mom 'around the house' is indeed enough for a preschooler to ponder the meaning of love. Proximity. Availability. Time. Focus. Opportunity. Connection. Closeness. Immediacy. Togetherness. That's what they really want. Need. Crave. Desire. Having you near. 

  5. "She helps me find something." 

One of the super powers bestowed upon mom's in the delivery room, (or the courthouse in the case of adoption) is the ability to help their beloved children find things. Knowing where everything is goes well beyond the adage a place for everything and everything it its place. Mothers have x-ray vision and can spot the missing sippy cup underneath a monumental pile of nonsense. Clairvoyance may be called for when the beloved snuggle pal goes missing. It is a huge responsibility to know where everything is for everyone, but that's why they love us! 

  4. "She says good night to me." 

All the bells and whistles. They love you for the biggies. You say good night. That end-of-the-day routine, with all of its rituals is VERY HIGH on the list for establishing an emotionally stable mini-person. That's why you're loved. You say good night! {{{And you bring in a glass of water, and you fluff the pillows, and retrieve the misplaced bankie, and run them back to the potty, and then another glass of water and then a backrub and then........ another two or three good nights and then...............

  3. "She lays with me and tells stories." 

Show of hands. Be honest. How many of you caught yourself falling asleep as you told stories? I was notorious for falling asleep mid story moment. The stories that I made up would morph as I'd nod up and the story I started suddenly had new and different characters. That's why they LOVE us! 'Cuz we tell them stories. That's what makes us great and wonderful: our story telling abilities.

  2. "She gives me hugs and kisses." 

Hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses. Enough said! 

And the number one reasons for LOVING mom? 

  1. "She likes me." 

The number one reason they love you, mom? It's not the blue lipstick. It's not that you can find their lost stuff. Its not even that you tell good night stories or that you give the best hugs and kisses on the face of the planet. Our kiddos love us, because at the very basic essence of our relationship? They know that we LIKE them. Of course we are also in LOVE with them. Their eyelashes. Their giggles. Their completely unpredictable way that they melt our hearts at the most inopportune moments. Yeah all that. But even a four and a half year old recognizes that the reason that they love us..... is that we are always there and that we LIKE them! 

There ya have it! The Top 10! A list!!! 

I have quite a few other Mother's Day gems around here. Here's a few things I learned at "Mom School." 

Mother's Day: Printable "Things I Learned in Mom School" from Debbie Clement

photo of: Mother's Day RoundUP of Resources: Bloghop + LInkie at RainbowsWithinReach

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