Sunday, March 2, 2014

Time to WOBBLE! Wobble Seat! New VENTURE!

Award Winning Wobble Seat now available Directly through RainbowsWithinReach


Sound the trumpets. A word from our 'new sponsor.' 

This is a whole new era for the Woman-who-LUVS color! I have a VERY exciting announcement to make. I'd like to introduce you to the "Kore Wobble Seat." Last fall I was introduced to this revolutionary concept in seating for the first time. I was IMMEDIATELY attracted to the vibrant colors, but as soon as I sat down and actually 'wobbled'? I WAS SOLD! Totally and completely sold. I knew immediately what a HUGE gift this rocking-moving-wobbling 'seat' could offer to children. Children EVERYwhere! Starting with my own WonderPeeps..... and moving out from there. 

Take a look at our WonderBoys (that would be grandsons) as they play with their Legos by the hour, during their recent visit to us in FL at the beginning of the year. 

[FYI: that is our 7.5 year old second grader on the 18" high green 'Teen' size Wobble Seat. On the yellow Wobble is our 5.5 year old Kindergarten sized all-boy Lego builder. I thought is would be helpful for you to know their exact ages -- in thinking about the size Wobble best suited to your Wonders.] 

This is year number 18 for me of going in and out of schools around the country as the music-lady and now morphed into an author-illustrator of traditional children's picture books. For ten years prior to that I worked full time in a private preschool for young children with special needs. There was also a chapter of my being the Art teacher in an elementary school for students K-6th grade. In all of those thirty years, I've never experienced a 'new invention' that has excited me more, than when I sat and began to wobble. Seeing it is one thing. Experiencing it is a whole new level of WOW!

Here's what it looks like over one rainy afternoon. 

Wobble Seats in Action with Boys via RainbowsWithinReach

There are so many aspects of this Wobble Seat that 'speak' to me. In this age of more and more sedentary lifestyle choices, this 'wobbling' gives activity to even 'passive' moments. While working with Legos, or playdough, or writing an essay or even playing video games -- the body is still in motion, always reacting to the movement created by the curved platform base. 

The very first person to purchase a Wobble Seat from me, is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. See what Amy has to say from her professional training perspective. 

Wobble Seat Endorsement from Occupational Therapist Perspective at RainbowsWithinReach

I am so grateful for Amy's specific insight. What I know is that children who are 'active/kinesthetic' learners are going to appreciate the opportunity for movement. I know that teachers will be grateful for the relief from telling their students to "sit down, put all four legs on the ground." This Wobble Seat will be such a unique sensory integration opportunity for children and for some it will be an answer to prayer. Literally. 

Just think if some of that distracted kinetic (sometimes frenetic) energy could be directed into positive behavior and self control. What is some of that 'fijit' energy could be directed, through positive and calming movement? Be still my heart. 

Wobble Seat now distribute by RainbowsWithinReach
More good news in the pipeline. The KORE company has listened to the early adopters and is already in the process of creating even SMALLER, SHORTER Wobble Seats for even younger/tinier littles. There is a 10" chair in the making that will be ready in the next couple of months! OH HAPPY DAY! 

But back to the good news already at hand. In an effort to have lots of feedback to share, I have my immediate circle of family and friends already using the ADULT Wobble Seat options. Meet my dear friend Susan, Senior Editor at Zaner-Bloser. She has already been wobbling at the corporate office for a couple of months! She chose the 'Everyday Chair' as her desk chair replacement. I got to see her wobble-in-action recently while we talked at corporate about the filming of our joint videos together. 

I'll get Susan to give me her two cents via email and insert it here.

In the realm of FULL DISCLOSURE: the website that I am sending you to for more information and consideration of a purchase...... is 'mine.' My husband Allen built it, the website, for me for as a Christmas present! That's how strongly I believe in this product. Your trust in me can now be expanded to include the Wobble Seat

Allen will be directly overseeing the orders as they are shipped from the manufacturing warehouse and is willing to answer your questions. You may start with one Wobble Seat and then want to jump to a dozen or more. He can help you with the pricing for bulk orders. 

We are looking into all sorts of possibilities. Affiliate marketing for my blogging friends is at the very top of our list. I will let you know when we are ready to roll that out. We are also investigating what it takes to have the Wobble Seat choices get approved for Donor Choice grants. 

As with me in all things, it is baby steps first. My enthusiasm is genuine. I have already written and recorded a "WOBBLE SONG." I will be more than happy to send that to you in Mp3 format, when you purchase your Wobble Seat.

So let's all start wobbling, burn some extra calories while you sit at your computer and in the process reconnect with your CORE! 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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