Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Debbie Clement Teams Up with EduCents! Deep Discounts!

Debbie Clement Digital Downloads Deeply Discounted at Educents!

Educents + Debbie Clement TEAM UP! 
Clement Songs: Digital Download Mini Bundles on DEEP Discount!

BARGAINS!!! I've begun another new endeavor! I am now officially an 'affiliate' for the brilliant concept of bargain educational materials -- known as "Educents." I have my own affiliate code, badge and everything! And to launch this new relationship? I am teaming with these brilliant ones to offer my digital songs at DEEP DISCOUNT prices! What an incredible way to get acquainted with my materials. 

I have 3 'Mini-Bundles' that are each offered at a DEEP DISCOUNT off the product-by-product download price. My Mini Bundle #1 features the digital download, zipped files of the three songs that went on to become my three picture books. If you are considering having me come to your school and make an author/illustrator visit, that would be an ideal bundle for each of the teachers in your program. 

Debbie Clement Digital Downloads Discount at Educents (Songs and support materials)

My zipped files always include my original songs for children in their digital Mp3 format. The songs in mini-bundle #1 include 2 Mp3s per song: both the sung 'song' version as well as the instrumental version of the song as well. These three songs are often 'performed' for others in a concert setting: end-of-the-year graduation, Mother's Day and Memorial Day events. 

Bundle #1 contain Pdfs of the sign language to support the songs as well as a chart of simple music notation and the chords. There are a variety of support materials included in the zipped files. 

Debbie Clement's Songs in Digital Download with Deep Discount through Educents

Bundle #2 is my "School Friendly" Mixture of Songs that are 'active' in their presentation and make terrific 'brain breaks' and songs of affirmation for the classroom. This set of songs establish an upbeat attitude toward school and are certain to become personal favorites.

If you *REALLY* pressed me, I'd have to say that my all time favorite 'dancie' song of mine is, "All Together Now."

"All Together Now" Digital Download Transition Song from Debbie Clement  

For Bundle #3 I've gathered up my songs that feature 'creatures' as a common denominator. This group has Piggies, Pollywogs, Monsters and Flying Creatures. This is a terrific bundle to add song and movement to your curriculum and day-to-day fun at home! 

Debbie Clement's Songs in Digital Download at DEEPLY Discounted Prices through Educents

Here's a closer look at the Pollywog Digital file. I created numerous 'fine motor' support Pdf's for this zipped file. It would be PERFECT for spring! METaMORphoSIS! 

photo of: Tadpole to Frog Metamorphosis through Song and Fine Motor Supplemental Pages (from RainbowsWIthinReach)

There's also a *MASTER Bundle* of all three smaller packs. 
That's where the savings is the deepest.

When you get the ENTIRE deal you are saving over 60% off of the 'individual' prices. 

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This is the absolute best, rock bottom deal I've ever offered. 
It is the very BEST way to get acquainted.  

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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