Sunday, May 5, 2013

Memorial Day: "Red, White and Blue"

photo of: Patriotic Art Projects for Elementary School via RainbowsWithinReach


Memorial Day is on the horizon. Teachers around the country will use my newest picture book, "Red, White and Blue" to direct their students to honor our national holiday. It is the perfect 'vehicle' for use with children on a complex subject, often beyond the child's life experience.

In case you're new here. My picture book is based on the lyrics of the song I wrote by the same name, immediately after 9-11. The song is simple. I think of it as a 'zipper' song. The entire format of the lyrics stays the same throughout. There is only one word that is changed from verse to verse. REAL kids REALLY sing it!

This level of repetition makes the song (and its book format) the perfect 'sing-a-long' for the early years. I have used it successfully with PreSchool children and all the way through the first years in elementary as well. 

The quilt pictured above was created in Dixon, IL at the Washington School (of K + 1st grades only) in honor of my recent author/illustrator school visit in their midst. It was an incredible day. I gave four concerts during the day and a culminating evening/family program sponsored by the area's reading council. 

Carie, one of their kindergarten teachers created the colossal quilt featured below a couple of years back, after we met at the state Reading Council Conference. She directed the children to create the construction paper quilt from 'marble painted' paper. INCREDIBLE! You can read all about their effort in this tab -- where I chronicled their AMAZING effort previously. 

Yes. My illustrations are made from fabric as small 'quilts.'
We then have the quilts professionally scanned and hardback/traditional books are printed. 

That means: I wrote the song and sing the song. 
I design the quilts and sew the quilts. 
My too-wonderful husband, Allen has the books printed.


We took out a second mortgage on our home --
so that I could morph into an author/illustrator!!! 

 I am the entire sales and marketing arm of my effort as well. 
Now you know why you've never heard of me! 

That's why I'm so thankful to Pinterest. 
Through the power of Pinterest, I actually have readers here -- 
people are 'finding' me! 

Every time you pin from my blog, you give me some visibility 
and I am forever grateful! 

Here's a YouTube of the song, with me teaching it in sign language. 
(Yup. That's Carie in the front row!) 

My work is always available directly from me at my own website.
It is also available at our collaborative cyber-store our: 


I have also joined the ranks at Teachers Pay Teachers!
With the support and encouragement of my blogging BFFs, I have begun creating digital zipped files!

This song is one of my products for sale at TpT. 
In the zipped file you receive 2 Mp3's of the song: 
one sung and one instrumental -- used for performances. 
You also receive a chart for the sign language to support the song.

Thanks to Beth at Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Designs for the sweet graphic! 

This is the week of the big TEACHER APPRECIATION SALE! 
I'm so appreciative of your support and have put my entire store on sale for 20% off. 

When you use the code: TAD13 -- you save an additional 10%!!

***I am working feverishly, to get some new zipped files together and uploaded. 
The first set of 3 little spring + summer songs is all ready to go! 

-- Debbie -- 
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