Monday, May 6, 2013

Appreciation for Teachers

photo of: Appreciation for Teachers at RainbowsWithinReach

Teacher Appreciation 

How do we say thanks to those individuals who have ignited our sense of discovery? How do we express our appreciation these years later? I don't remember the name of my kindergarten teacher. I do remember my sense of exuberance and amazement working in clay and rolling a snaking coil on the table under her direction. 

photo of: Playdoh Fun at RainbowsWithinReachThank you teachers of warm memories whose names are gone with the years. 

I remember my personal first grade angst at being required to cover my brightly colored crayon design with a layer of thick black goo, obliterating my hard work. I was on the verge of first grade tears. The following day, Mrs. Oatman stood back knowingly as I scratched thru that layer of oblivion with my little scissors. I marveled. I had no idea. She knew. She hadn't let the cat out of the bag. It was as though I had just discovered the wheel. Or fire. Radiance. Awe. Surprise. Like stained glass -- only of my own making. I didn't see it coming: DISCOVERY! 

photo of: Scratch Art -- The Big Reveal at RainbowsWithinReach

How many years had she directed her students in that activity? It was all brand new for me. Thank you teachers who razzle-dazzle as though it is your first rodeo. 

Fast forward to High School. Creative Writing assignment. My beloved short story, "Please Pass the Popcorn" has long since vaporized with the ensuing years, but our many exercises of playing with words linger with me to this day. The sense of permission, the belief that I had something worthwhile to say, those keystones were placed in the classroom. They remain a part of me. Mrs. Richards. Are you reading along with your affirming smile? You were the perfect coach to tone my willing 'word-li-ness.' 

photo of: Popcorn Site Words Bulletin Board at RainbowsWithinReach

Thank you teachers who envision possibilities out of thin air. 

photo of: Quilted Illustrations for "You're Wonderful" by Debbie Clement
Quilted illustrations in my first picture book, "You're Wonderful" -- used in EOY + graduation programs around the globe
And then there was George Ramsey. My college professor. The one who commented earnestly, "I think you could make a picture book with that style." It took me a couple of decades to follow through, but 'by-George' I did. It was George that planted the seed. It was George that recognized my potential. It was George that advanced my sense of discovery. It was George who believed in me and told me so. 

photo of: Photo Collage of Poppies with Georgia O'Keeffe quotation

Thank you teachers who tend the soil with the determination of a master gardener. Tilling and toiling, for a future that you won't necessarily see firsthand but envision all the same. Thank you teachers for giving your heart and soul. Thank you teachers for making it fun to memorize math facts and spelling words, for making it exciting to discover foreign continents and chemical reactions. For you kind words and your long hours behind the scenes. I thank you. 

May you know the appreciation that you deserve. Feel it. Own it. Relish it. Your indelible impression lasts a lifetime. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! 


Now. These teachers are teaching me new things. Again. And again. And again. 

Today I have joined the "Instagram" wave. No. I hardly know how to answer my cell phone. No. I don't have a smart-phone. But these young, tech-savvy teachers have told me that they think I'll like IG and so again with the willingness. Learning curve. I hadn't even 'seen' IG before last night. I LUV the look of it! 

Our newest leap into the current decade is to have purchased a 'tablet.' 
(Not the kind with paper!) 
We have a brand, spanking new Samsung Galaxy 2.

The tablet allowed me to open an IG account. 
It turns out that you can use Dropbox to upload your photos from your computer to IG. 
I found this tutorial that walked me through it. 

All of this new learning curve was motivated by the 
#TeacherTalkTuesday (hashtag) and linkie party. 

If you're a complete beginner like moi, then go immediately to 
ApplesandABCs for the best teacher-tutorial imaginable:

Instagram 101. 
The tech threatened, visual learner in me loves every detail!

I have two new sets of zipped files of my songs. 

Each set has 3 unique songs in Mp3 format.  

As you probably have heard by now.... 
Teachers Pay Teachers has their big, official sale starting tomorrow! 

I want you to have the motivation to go look around and see what else of mine has gone digital. 

Thanks to Beth at Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah for the sweet graphic

-- Debbie -- 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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