Friday, September 30, 2011

Sue Nespeca & BOOKS!!!!

Canfield. Children's Literature Conference. Afternoon. Long time readers will remember how I occasionally can point to the very people who have connected-the-dots for me, taken me places, shared my name, suggested me to a committee, even created a whole event where I get to be on the stage and in the bright spotlight.............. I'd like you to meet Sue Nespeca. One of those quantum leapers in my professional life. I think at one time or another over the past fourteen years she's probably done each and every one of those things on my behalf.

Sue is brilliant on so many levels. She is ALWAYS on top of the newest picture books, but her real gift to the world of book-lovers is the way that she brings them to LIFE!!! From her portable music stand of ideas she's singin', she's drummin', she's rappin' and sharin' all of her variety of props to support bringing those books to life. Reach every reader.

She's rounded up an entire posse of her peeps for Gruffalo reader's theatre.

I've always been Denise Fleming's biggest fan. Her work is seriously amazing. EVERY time!!! Then I got to have dinner with her years back before the Pittsburgh Children's Literature Conference and we ended up spending hours laughing over all things books. So it was especially fun to see her latest enlarged on the BIG screen, being brought to life by Sue's supreme energy!! These two could do impersonations of one another. Talk about SHOUT!!! Talk about energy!!!

Sue + niece + Pete the Cat = WINNING TEAM!!!

The Skippy Jon Jones series is beyond fun. It's a favorite for my wonder-kids (grand children for new readers) who are lovers of books and lovers of four legged creatures. My daughter thinks perhaps I have contributed to the lyrical text in book series. Be certain to check-out Kid Lit Plus to find out all the latest from my favorite Early Literacy & Children's Literature Specialist.

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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