Friday, July 22, 2011

"You're Wonderful" song book by Debbie Clement

Look what's happening out in California!! This is my first picture book, from the lyrics to one of my very first original songs for children. (You know you're an old time fan if you have the original cassette version! LOL!! Those are indeed collectors items now!) Look how far we've come!! It's traveled far from home. You're Wonderful, indeed!!! Parents singing!!!!

The parents captured in the YouTube video are singing to their children, gathered in the audience. This performance travels back to me as a result of my workshop presentation earlier this spring at the National Family Literacy Conference in Louisville! How I love opening my email and finding a gift wrapped up in YouTube. Thanks to Lydia and Melissa for teaching the parents my book/song, in their Family Literacy program.

I love sharing this link with others. I believe this is the first version that I've ever seen where the parents are singing to the children, instead of the other way around!!! In my heart, that's the way I've always envisioned the power of my little dittie-of-affirmation: as being sung by a parent to their own beloved child. Here you have the visual in full color! Their t-shirts are decorated with the simple yet powerful words from the song. (Maybe they'll send me some close-up photos that I can share in another post: hint, hint.) From my 'dream' to yours!

Thank you for sending me the link. Thank you for the amazing rendition. Thank you for giving me credit on your YouTube film -- may other centers and sites find my work as a result of your thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness!!

My next dream for these words and my images? An app!!! I want an i-pad and I want You're Wonderful to be translated into this newest format. My latest dream. Right now the song is on my first CD, Debbie's Ditties for Little Kiddies, it's also a portion of my Dove family viewing nationally award winning DVD, entitled, Kweezletown...... and it's evolved further still into the hardback picture book format gaining momentum every month. So it's only natural to spread it's wings further and be available on your i-pad!!! Stay tuned, I've just begun that inquiry.


[Editor's note: here's a link to the vault of all 11 of my YouTube videos. I'm so thrilled when you use my work. It's such an enormous help if you give me the credit when you post your film to YouTube, list my name as a tag etc. Keep 'em comin'!!!!]

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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