Thursday, July 17, 2008

SDE National I TEACH K

Viva Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas. Viva Las Vegas. Wow. This is my first national convention for SDE: Staff Development for Educators....... and it's in hot, hot Vegas -- but it's a dry heat. In fact it was a dry 106 degrees in the shade today.

I'm just done presenting 4 differing workshops to enthusiastic participants from across the country. It's a fun exhaustion. My power point contraption held together throughout the day. My AV/tech guys were really delightfully supportive. My voice held up and a fun and informative day was had by all!!

Last night we had a welcome reception in the penthouse on the 64th floor. What a genuine party. It was a unique opportunity to meet other presenters from across the country, catch up with some growing friendships and to celebrate with the staff folks who work so hard -- for an entire year to pull this together. The food was really tasty too.

Pictured above, I'm fresh off the plane and getting a Jim Grant hug. He's the founder of SDE and author of over two dozen books for teachers. He remembered meeting my parents and brother at the luncheon held in Orlando last winter during my first FL professional presentation at the SDE Kindergarten confererence there. What a sweet heart.

Now honestly-seriously, no kidding for real. Just after this picture was taken I was returning to my room and there at the elevator was ELVIS!! Full sideburns and duck-tail combed over-slicked back dark hair. How did I not seize that photo opportunity? I've been kicking myself all day.

My book, DVD and CDs will be traveling into kindergarten classrooms across the country. I remember signing them for teachers from Wyoming, Utah, Louisianna, Delaware and Nebraska -- all states that I have yet to present in. Isn't that awesome? Today felt like such a day of "arrival" ........... hard to put into words, but like all of the dues paying for years has paid off.

Like being in the elevator attempting to figure out this HUGE site and a young woman squeeling: "You're Debbie Clement!!" I was completely flabbergasted by her knowing. She'd seen me in Atlanta and went on about loving my Lion song..... and searching for her own tutu costume.

Or being greeted with an early morning hug today from Brenda, the Las Vegas Head Start Director from my visit to them this past winter. She had stories and stories to tell of how my work has impacted her teachers and made a difference in classrooms..... impacting the lives of children.

It's a fun exhaustion..... tomorrow 3 workshops plus the author's signing at lunchtime. How fortunate am I?

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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