Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat on Project Based Learning with Todd Wanerman 1/27

TeacherFriends Twitter Chat with Todd Wanerman on Project Based Learning

Tuesday! That means time to gather with your #TeacherFriends on Twitter! 

#TeacherFriends Weekly Twitter Chat 9 PM EST

Tonight we will take a look at #PBL or maybe that acronym hasn't stuck with you yet? Project Based Learning! What does that term mean to you? How do you integrate a 'project' approach into your setting? Come tonight to learn from the experts! Yes, the best hour of professional development you can get in your jammies, takes place on Twitter! Come for the support, return for the sharing!

Todd Wanerman Visiting #GuestEduCelebrity at #TeacherFriends on Twitter!

We welcome our newest-to-Twitter #GuestEduCelebrity, Todd Wanerman to the spotlight, tonight at 9 PM EST. Even though Todd is on the west coast, he plans to arrive in time for Early Birds at 8:30 EST, so that he can get his feet wet at the slower pace. Arrive early for a slower pace and 'easier' interaction. Get your questions answered about using Twitter, while the speed is on calm. The chat heats up at 9!

#TeacherFriends Tweet Zones! 9PM EST with 8:30 Newbie Early-Bird PRACTICE Chat

I met Todd at the Redleaf Press Author's Reception at NAEYC last fall in Dallas. He had no Twitter account at the time, but that didn't stop his enthusiasm from wanting to learn a new social network and join us to share his expertise. What better place to begin than together with his #TeacherFriends! {click the pics to go learn more about Todd's books over at Redleaf.} 


As always, there will be PRIZES! Todd will be giving away one of his books! My fellow hostess' friends and I also give away prizes! In order to win, you must enter your name and email address on our Google Doc that will be tweeted through out the evening's chat. 

I'm happy to have my work represented at Redleaf! My music is incorporated into this compendium on movement in the ECE classroom, by Connie Dow! Included in this dance encyclopedia is a two disc set of my songs and their instrumentals. 

One of my favorite "Project Based Learning" school visits involved a kindergarten classroom that used my picture book, "Red, White and Blue" as the focus of their study. Many patriotic elements emerged in their study. I have shared examples of their approach in this earlier article. 

Project Based Learning Approach for President's Day via RainbowsWithinReach

With President's Day around the corner, this would be an awesome song to include in your next PBL focus. Both the picture book and the immediate digital download are available at TpT. 

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