Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LUCKY VEGAS: Blog Giveaway Part 2

Dateline: Vegas "I Teach Kindergarten" by Staff Development for Educators

That's what a sound-check looks like at 6:15 a.m.
The space is filled with empty chairs. 
Your guardian angel, Melissa Sheldon of SDE is there for hugs. 
The tech crew is ready and steady. 

This is what that empty stage looks like about 100 minutes later. 
This photo is like a Who's Who in the edu blogger-world.

So begins the "Happily Ever After" phase of my life.

There are dreams that come true and then there are DREAMS that come true. 
As you can see. I am in the very midst of a technicolor dream coming to fruition right before my very eyes. It's surreal to look at these photos and realize that they took place in the last twenty six hours. 

The photo above (and I don't even know who took it?) was of my opening number. I am surrounded by LOVE. Literally. SURROUNDED.BY.LOVE. Love with a capital L. LUV supporting me in every possible way imaginable. These are my cyber friends, who up until this moment have lived inside of my computer......... and here we are. All together. On stage. In Vegas! Me in polka-dot tights and sequins on my skirt. 

The 'bookends of support were amazing. The opening: 

These bloggers are the ones who have held my hands and led me into the world of technology. They have demonstrated so much caring and encouragement. There are not sufficient words. To have them surround me on stage? A dream come true. I'm in tears as I type. 

Participants all the way to the back row! Brain games with Debbie 
Now. How do I begin to explain the BIG ENDING? Here's a YouTube video of the final number. My "Piggy Rap." The five willing piggies are #1 Deanna Jump #2 DeeDee Wills #3 Matt Gomez #4 Crystal Radke and then there's the show stealer. Number 5. Forever grateful in my heart to Jon Fines for showing what's possible. 

When there's a few more minutes..... I'll come back and add the links. The men are on Twitter and very active in the weekly Monday night #Kinderchat that take's place at 9 p.m. EST. It's all about the hashtag. Foreign language: twitter? This is the place to begin. Amid friends. Patient friends. Willing friends. New friends IRL. Friends who can know how to have a good time. 

BTW: We have decided to leave "Piggy Rap" as a FREEBIE instant download file for the entire LUCKY VEGAS Bonanza week. So if you don't have the file yet, with the Mp3 used in the video above -- hurry and get it while its HOT! {Proceed to our Early Education Emporium to download your copy.}


On to Day #2 in the LUCKY VEGAS GIVEAWAY -- in celebration of my blog's 5th birthday. Here are today's prizes from brilliant bloggers!!!

The Daily Alphabet

Peace, Love, & First Grade

Jens Kinder Kids

There literally aren't enough hours in the day. 
Maybe next week I can begin to articulate my appreciation. 
I am so grateful to so many. 

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  1. YOU are BRILLIANT to get those "willing" friends to back you up. WOW ... just WoW!!! Pure magic. LOVE when DeeDee starts bowing to him ... Hil-LAR-ious!!! Thanks for sharing. YAY!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, Debbie. That video CRACKED. ME. UP! I wish I was in Vegas will all of my friends!


  3. I am with Maria....so so funny, and wishing I was in Vegas to meet everyone IRL. Someday! You are wonderful!!



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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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