Sunday, July 14, 2013

LUCKY VEGAS: Blog Birthday Bonanza Announcement!


Our travel went off flawlessly yesterday! What a delight to have every piece of the puzzle unfold with ease! We arrived at the Venetian/Palazzo Complex to be greeted by accordion music and jesters in costumes. Welcome back. This is my husband Allen's first experience here in the palatial setting and he it genuinely amazed at how much this LOOKS like our time together in Venice, Italy. 

I am sooooooooooo excited about my keynote tomorrow which grows ever nearer, by the hour. 
Note-to-self: a three hour and 18 minute plane flight is EXACTLY the time it takes to hem two vest arm openings by hand. 

The difference between men and women. 
I sat between two men for 3 hours and 18 minutes ++ 
and neither of them once asked me what on earth I was doing, nor why. 

You know if I was next to a women we would have talked for three hours about this project! 
{Hubby lucked out and got the last exit row seat. I deferred to his comfort.}

Our DIVA suite has a fainting couch. 
Today's assignment was to iron everything and get it all organized. 
The only remaining question: 

Stripes or Polka Dots????

There's a raging debate underway already on my FB  my FB fanpage and instagram,
but it appears that we have a front runner!

On to the OTHER BIG news. 
My blog is now 5 years old! 

It's time for a party. 
My sweet friend in Indy, 
also is celebrating her blog's 5th birthday. 
We're teaming up!!! 

We have gathered up some great goodies 
from our blogging Kindergarten peers -- 
for some lucky winners. 

There will be five days of prizes!!

photo of: 5 Year Blogging Birthday Bonanza: RainbowsWithinReach + Kristen's Kindergarten

Here's what's in store for Monday.
Come back tomorrow to get entered.

photo of: Blog Birthday Bonanza Day #1 Prizes at RainbowsWithinReach + Kristen's Kindergarten

Here's the LOOT for Tuesday! 

Note-to-self #2: pulling off my first blogger giveaway in the middle of "I Teach K: Vegas" 
might not be the very best use of sanity.

Five years from now.................... for the 10th. 
Consider the options. 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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