Wednesday, May 1, 2013


HaPpY MaY dAY! hAPpY mAY DaY! hApPy mAy dAy!!!

Since it's the first of the month, today my article is over at PreK+K Sharing. Here's the bait to lure you from here to there! It has some great spring bulletin boards and a TON of new-new-new Arts + Crafts for spring projects. You're going to want to check it out as its entitled "The SOUNDS of the Birds and the Bees." 
(Which has a certain appeal, too!) 

All you have to do is click on this photo to go to PreK+K Sharing! 

I've learned three things in the last 24 hours that THRILL me to NO end. 

1. Thanks to Amy Ahola of Child Central Station 
I can now have a 'photo link' to another blog article! 
{If you click the photo above -- best to click on the edge, away from hovering Pin-it pinner, it will take you over to PreK+K Sharing directly.} 
Here are Amy's complete instructions, that made perfect sense to me. 
A complete tutorial in three lines! My kind of instructions. Five years later!! 

"When you add a photo, instead of uploading it, add it by URL. 
Then after you have the photo uploaded, highlight it. 
Click on 'link' then put the link in where you want it to go." 

2. In the last 24 hours hubby Allen 'unearthed' SoundCloud.

This site will allow me to upload 'snippets' of my original children's songs. Seventeen years in the making for this development!!! 

[I think the 'listen' factor may have something to do with your internet speed. Crossing my fingers that you hear my little ditties when you hit the orange circle-play button. I have found that it seems to take a 'few minutes' for the system to get-it-together. Again, maybe that's cuz we're now out in the middle of nowhere. Please be patient. Leave the window open and come back in a minute or two.] 

Because of the motivation of the embed by SoundCloud, last night we compressed and packaged all three of these my absolutely, EASIEST, simplest "Songs of Flight"
perfect for spring-- 
 into a zipped file -- with all 3 Mp3s and a simple lyric sheet. 
They are now available for purchase and your INSTANT download at our 

3. And JUST THIS MORNING, I have 'discovered' the site: "Recite." 


They have templates for quotes. 
You can swap out the background in a heartbeat! 
They even have a supply of quotes for your inspiration.
You can 'upload' your own quote, or import one from their list! 

What? Don't like the look of the blank canvas? 
How about clouds?  

Don't like either of those templates? 
How about this one? 

It looks like right now there are about 20 different templates. 
You don't even sign up or anything. 
How is this possible? 

I could go on allllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day! 
You will be seeing a LOT more quotes around here! 

Yesterday I hit two milestones here. 
Most pageviews in a day and most pageviews in a month!!! 

I'm learning. I'm improving. I'm contributing. I'm growing! 

-- Debbie -- 
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