Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My FIRST Ever SKYPE Author Visit


What a whirlwind of amazing fun -- I'm in the midst of some serious good-times! At this moment we're physically in Indianapolis. Yesterday I was at Spring Mill Elementary with all of their kindergartners joyously packed into Kristen's Kindergarten

Just moments ago, from my Aunt Sue's loft, I had my first.ever.SKYPE.visit!!!! I'm not at liberty to tell you the location yet. I want you to guess! Where did Little Debbie visit today? Leave your guess in the comment section below or visit my Facebook page or profile to leave your entry. 

This setting today had me broadcast to their 'smart-board' so that everyone could see me in full living color. 

My First EVER SKYPE Author Visit with my Virgin Island Fanclub!! 
The cutest thing happened while we were attempting to get it orchestrated/connected to the big-board. It was taking a minute..... so the brilliant teacher held each child in her lap so they could see me on the computer screen. SO.CUTE. SO.AMAZINGLY.CUTE!!! 

OK. The votes are in. DRUMROLL. My first, ever SKYPE visit was to the VIRGIN ISLANDS!!! Can you believe it? 

****News from the future! I am LUV LUV LUVing this technology... I've made another screen-visit! 

photo of: Skype Author School Visits with Debbie Clement
I have now had TWO successful SKYPE school visits! 

I have now had my second SKYPE author visit: Alton Elementary in Missouri. Maggie of Maggie's Kinder Corner was my hostess. She had 125 of their kinderoos and firsties in their multi-purpose room and a MEGA screen hook-up! How incredible is this? Can't wait to visit my other blogging brethren. 

***If you're interested in having me come into your classroom or your cafeteria (for a larger crowd) just drop me an email and we can take a look at the logistics! 

Now take a look at some of the fun from yesterday! 





Must get going. Tonight is a family performance in Pendleton, IN! Tomorrow back to Indy to visit Hilary! Be sure and enter your Skype-guess! Just leave your thought in my comment section below! 

Thanks to Kristen for the rest of the photos today. She took 300. There are quite a few more in her article here. I am having the time of my life! Let's talk about what it takes to pull off a SKYPE visit! The wave of the future!! 

-- Debbie --

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