Friday, November 30, 2012

Framed Names: Fine Motor Gifts

It's Friday! Fine Motor Friday!!
Welcome to Fine Motor leads to Fine Arts: Part 38.
Fine Motor your passion? 
Click back to see the whole series.

December is just around the corner.
What a brilliant idea! 
This concept would make such a great gift for a loved one. 

Child draws a self-portrait. 
Portrait is framed.
Frame is emBellisHed!!
Recipient is THRILLED!

Were you a fan of "Calvin and Hobbes"
Does this Calvin drawing remind you of some of your favorite chuckles? 
If I hadn't seen it hanging on the wall in Cincinnati this fall, 
 I could believe it was from Bill Watterson's series hall-of-fame collection
My dad was such a fan of the Sunday strip. He would call me laughing so hard, "Did you see it?" 
Simplicity in drawing and verbiage. 
Always enjoyed the philosophy shared by Calvin. 

Get thee to the dollar store and gather up all of those letter sets. 

-- Debbie --

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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