Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Debbie Clement's Digital Mp3 Downloads

@ Teachers Pay Teachers 
All Digital Downloads save 28%

Yesterday I shared about my books and the digital downloads of those songs now available at TpT. 

Today I wanted to feature some of my favorite ditties, 
now available in zipped files with Mp3 versions and support materials in pdf + power point. 

Let's start with affirmation about school. 
CLASSIC: "Glad I'm at School." 
Take a little listen to my favorite filmed version. 

Then there's my classic brain-break/transition 
dance-along, get moving, guaranteed success smile-maker: 

Monsters are big in October, but this next perennial favorite is requested around the calendar. 
The more frequently its sung, the sillier the fears become. 

What about those of you capable of planning ahead for next spring's science focus? 
I have the perfect digital, zipped file for you!!! 

Metamorphosis. Life cycle. Pollywog.  

photo of: Life Cycle of Frog, Metamorphosis, Support Materials for Science in Kindergarten, Preschool Science. Mp3 Support Materials for "Pollywog" by Debbie Clement

I made these pieces and parts this past summer. 
My original children's song has four verses and an oh-so-cute little conclusion that always garners a laugh. 

In an effort to 'illustrate' Polly's growth and change, I created 5 quilts of fabric for you to download, print and share as you sing. 

photo of: Quilted-fabric "illustrations" to support the song "Pollywog"

My bet is that you aren't yet familiar with this classic 'science-sing-a-long.' 

No problem. I have a snippet of video from my nationally award winning video, Kweezletown, that is posted to YouTube. 

There's a fine line between excitement over a sale and enough-already.
I am such a 'sale-rack-kinda-gal' I just want to be certain you know what I have available. This 28% deal only comes twice a year. 
I promise to return to your regularly scheduled RoundUPs and children's Art insight after today's excitement wears off. 

Tomorrow I have gathered up oodles of Art pieces related to the classic, 
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" 
for your inspiration. 
Let the metamorphosis continue. 
I have so much to learn!!

After you're done with all your shopping today, 
be sure to swing back tomorrow. 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth - TeachersPayTeachers.com

-- Debbie -- 

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