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Trees 'Growing' in the Classroom: Tree RoundUP

photo of: Trees in the Classroom (RoundUP via RainbowsWIthinReach)

All sorts of trees created in the classroom.
I started this post because of these next two photos of  three dimensional 'tree' bulletin boards slash sculptures, that are part of a preschool classroom in Seven Hills School in Cinci. Once I built my little collage above as Pinterest bait, I realized that I had other 'trees' in my memory card. 

WELCOME to the 'tree' round-up 
from my various Author-Illustrator School visits around the county! 

photo of: Trees in the Classroom (RoundUP via RainbowsWIthinReach)
I want to live in the middle of this bulletin board: the sun is shining!

Don't these two images just make you want to move to Cinci and attend school at Seven Hills? Of course the fact that this first bulletin board has a 'calico' background just makes my quilting heart smile!! How cheerful is that? The acorns across the bottom are the letters of the alphabet. Sorry I don't have a close up to share on that attention to detail! KUDOS for extra-clever use of a theme. 

photo of: Three Dimensional Tree inside a Preschool Classroom Corner via RainbowsWithinReach

If you look carefully in the upper right hand corner of the above picture, you will see the border of individual paintings each child created by painting over the two words: "Be Kind." I had those featured in an earlier RoundUP here on kindness, generosity and emotional intelligence. 

This same classroom that is obviously going 'green' has an entire 'slab' of actual tree bark mounted between their glorious windows. Yes. I literally HAD to touch it. What an imaginative way to bring the outdoors into the classroom. 

photo of: Slab of Tree Mounted in Preschool Classroom (via RainbowsWithinReach)

Same room. Look at this stack of 'loose parts' that can become a part of all sorts of learning opportunities.
Block center. 
Cars and roads over mountainous terrain. 
What sorts of art projects can you imagine? 

photo of: Slabs of Tree Bark in the Preschool Classroom for Loose Parts via RainbowsWIthinReach

So now that I have your attention let's see what other 'trees' I have to share. Hope that they inspire your own efforts to integrate science, nature and art within your setting.... whatever the age of the children. 

photo of: Tree Mural in Preschool Classroom (from Tree RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Tree Changes with the Seasons in the Classroom Setting (Tree RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

This Texas tree follows the unique contours of the room's architecture without missing a beat. Don't ya love how the posters are hanging right at child's height with details of the season and tree's growth? 

photo of: Fall Colors on Tree Created by Painted Handprints from Tree RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach

The display of fall colors above is from a visit I just made to Montgomery, Texas. I LUV LUV LUV the collaboration of all of those painted hands for the leaves. I was there to give a seminar to the area child care providers from across the county. 

photo of: Tree in the Classroom (via RainbowsWithinReach)

Here's a tree painted on the classroom wall. 
I'm willing to bet that the adornments change with the seasons. 
It's part of the scene at Otter Elementary in Elgin, IL. 

photo of: Tree in Preschool Classroom via RainbowsWithinReach

photo of: Tree for Apple Matching in Preschool (via RainbowsWIthinReach)

photo of: Apple Tree Handprint Bulletin Board for Back-to-School (Bulletin Board Round-UP via RainbowsWithinReach)
Handprint Apple Tree Bulletin Board 
I just smile ear-to-ear at that poem, handprint, Apple Tree bulletin board. Worth integrating into this tree RoundUp, for its use of onomatopoeia in early childhood alone! 

Next up Chicka Chicka bulletin boards from WI, OH, FL + CO! 

photo of: Monkey Theme Chicka Chicka Classroom Door Decoration (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Bulletin Board "Wall" for Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom
Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom on the Wall 

photo of: Bulletin Board for Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom (from Bulletin Board RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bulletin Board 

photo of: Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom Letters on Trees (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Chicka Chicka Tree in Colorado Kindergarten (Tree RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Quilt in Kindergarten (Tree RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
Chicka-Chicka Quilt in Colorado Kindergarten Room

While roaming Otter Creek hallways I saw these 'Spanish' trees-of-all-seasons created in the elementary school. They are made with colored tissue paper and each student has a tree for each season, mounted on their own piece of standard size construction paper.

photo of: Trees by the Season in Elementary School (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Trees by the Season with Colored Tissue Paper (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Autumn Trees with Mosaic Construction Paper (via RainbowsWithinReach)

photo of: Bulletin Board Apple of our Eye (Back to School Bulletin Board RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)
Bulletin Board: Apple of our Eye

photo of: Apple Trees in Elementary School (Tree RoundUP via RainbowsWithinReach)

Right this minute in 'real time' I am in Colorado, visiting our CO Clement family. These are the trees growing in the rooms of the Bluebirds and Ducks. I got to make a visit to my favorite Bluebird yesterday! 

-- Debbie -- 


  1. All of these trees are fantastic, but I especially love construction ones growing through the walls and ceiling. Brilliant!

    1. Yup. The 3-D trees are my favorite too!!


      Thanks for your support.

  2. Adorable tree creation, its perfect!

  3. Love how you incorporate art into your curriculum. Very creative and I bet FUN too!!!

  4. Amazing work, we are actually thinking of implementing that in to our schools as well. The kids should be raised as much as close to nature as possible. The kids can be given homework to come up with paper models of animals which will enrich their knowledge about the various physical structures of animals, how they have adopt themselves to their habitat and food habit.

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