Friday, October 26, 2012

More Monsters! Fine Motor + Fine Art!

photo of: Fine Motor Leads to Fine Arts Part 34, "More Monsters" via RainbowsWithinReach

First off the good news: it's FRIDAY! 
Then even MORE good news: 
great ideas ahead in this, Part 34, of my Fine Motor Friday series

We've been talking here for a while about MONSTERS. 
I've been searching for monster-work to help launch the digital download of my children's song "Monster Spray" over at TpT. 

Enjoy these third grade projects at Blue Heron Elementary in Colorado, hanging outside the Art room during my Author/Illustrator school visit this week.

photo of: Third Grade Monsters with Emotion via RainbowsWithinReach

It's so much fun to draw monsters. Since they are imaginary, there is no right or wrong answer and everyone's project is awesome! The more 'out there' you can imagine, the more fun the project and its end results. 

photo of: Third Grade "Monster" Drawings via RainbowsWIthinReach

The old art teacher in me just LUV LUV LUVs this project!

By third grade some children are having frustrations over their drawings not 'looking like' the subject. The more frustrated a child becomes the less likely they are to want to engage in the creative process. This is a brilliant project to ensure success from every budding artist developing both their fine motor skills and also their creative and artistic efforts. 

photo of: Monsters with Emotions in Third Grade via RainbowsWIthinReach

photo of: Monsters of Emotions by Third Graders (via RainbowsWithinReach)

Let's shift gears from the artwork of the 3rd grade to the YOUNGER set. 

While being hosted by our Colorado Clement family I got to make classroom visits to the preschool housed in Blue Heron. Ya just gotta LUV a seasonal project that gives golf tees, a hammer and a pumpkin to a young child! What an engaging way to wield growing control over those fine muscle motor skills. What an empowering activity! 

photo of: Pumpkin Pounding: Fine Motor Development (via RainbowsWithinReach)

In the same Bluebird preschool classroom I was overjoyed to see these bins of gourds being sorted by color family. 
Happy Harvest indeed. 
Just having a variety of fall produce to handle, explore and categorize is a great sensory activity. 
The color sort is just brilliant. 

photo of: Happy Harvest: Sorting Fall Gourds in Preschool via RainbowsWithinReach

I like to conclude my Fine Motor Friday installments with a reminder to have the children see YOUR writing around the room. Just like reading is encouraged by seeing others read, so is writing encouraged by observing all of the times when writing is necessary. 

Here's a super fun reading pocket-style, anchor chart from the kindergarten room..... just in time for trick-or-treating fun next week. I'm such a fan of seeing the sentences in the handwritten format. KUDOS!

photo of: Kindergarten Anchor Chart for Trick or Treating via RainbowsWithinReach

Are all of the children in your world gearing up for monster fun? 
What costume dreams are unfolding at your house?

Thanks so much for stopping by! 
I'm always grateful for your helping my efforts by pinning images that you have found helpful. 

-- Debbie -- 

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth -

Yes. It's true. 
I opened a 'store' at Teachers Pay Teachers! 
photo of: "Monster Spray" Digital Download Mp3 + Pdf's from Debbie Clement
My song entitled "Monster Spray" is in a zipped file in Mp3 format. 
***It will be on sale all weekend... starting tomorrow morning! 

Did you catch these earlier 'monster' articles? 
 My Monster RoundUP is one click away. 
That article has dozens of ideas from bloggers around the world! 
photo of: Overcoming Childhood Fears: Monsters thru Art, Fine Motor, Math and Science (Math RoundUP from RainbowsWithinReach)

A couple weeks ago I demonstrated a DIY Monster Puppet from upcycling 'trash.' 
Click back here to see that treasure. 

photo of: UpCycled DIY Monster Puppet via RainbowsWithinReach


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    1. Lori. I am so appreciative of your continued support. I'm WILD about monsters. I'm wild about children's art. Children's Art as monsters? Priceless!


  2. love the monster theme art. So so cute

    1. Cindi! Thanks so much for taking the time to lend your appreciation for the art. Means the world to me.


  3. Hi! I'm here from Rockin Teacher Materials and her terrific giveaway. Love your monster art!

    1. Patti! Thanks for swinging by. Glad that our monster art made you smile.


  4. I love all your fun ideas! I was able to meet you last year in Murfreesboro, Tn.
    Amber Key

    1. WOW! Real life spotting in TN! I'm coming back that way again this spring. I get to give the keynote at an event in March!!



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