Monday, January 30, 2012

Open-Ended Painting Process!!! LINKY PARTY!!

Our new collaborative blog, PreK+K Sharing is hosting our very first blog-hop linkie party....... AND its on one of my ALL time favorite topics: PAINT + PAINTING!!!!!

You simply must book-mark this post, because our host Amy's Amazing Article is AWESOME!
So get yourself some paint and let's get started!!!!!

photo of: Organizing Art materials, organized craft materials
RAINBOW: What's not to LUV about BRAND NEW PAINT SUPPLIES!!!!! ORGANIZED!!! Paints that are Organized!!!!

photo of: easel painting by young children
Preschool Painting at the easel: BOLD strokes!!!! Awesome color!!!!
The old elementary school Art teacher in me gets so excited to see the displays of children's Artwork on my 'music-lady' visits to schools + centers,  back and forth across the country side. I LUV to see the BOLD strokes captured forever in the completed paintings!!! LUV these mono-chromatic easel paintings!

photo of: preschool art as pointilism, art for children in the style of the Masters
Preschool Paintings in study of Pointillism Technique
 WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA FROM LOUISIANA!!!!! They are in the midst of all things letter "P" right now -- which would certainly include Painting with a capitol letter P, but how about Pointillism? Would you have thought of that lesson -- within the lesson? I got to see these completed paintings above, hot off the excited paint dabbers during my visit last week!

Toddler painting done at the easel!!!!

photo of: painting with car wheels, preschool painting with cars
Toddler paintings using a race car + the color blue!!!

Toddlers (or da big kiddos) never tire of running a car through paint!!!
Talk about cause and effect!!! And they LUV to see the tread marks in the wake!

Head Start children paint over their names with delight!
These children in a New York Head Start program were given a paper to paint, that was already adorned with their name in big letters -- which receed happily into the background in the midst of the happy painting process. All that time to see the letters in your name! AWESOME!!!! Subliminal message: tee hee!

The children in Thibodaux, Louisiana were 'exploring the concept of snow' in the humid 80 degree January morning of their 'winter' through their paintings of mixed media captured below.

bulletin board for toddler art, snowflake sensory paintings for toddlers, toddler art for winter, toddler projects for art

It was so much fun to be on my typical "Pinterest Prowl" (that's where I arrive early for my school visits to document what I find of interest in the building) and what do I see layed out on the PreSchool floor? A great big drop cloth and inviting spaces for painting -- for when the children FIRST WALK IN THE DOOR!!!!

What a GREAT way to start the day!!!!!! I'm here at school + I'm ready to PAINT!!!!

Ya wanna know what I ADORE about these projects?
Birthday cakes made out of rolled marbles through paint?
What's not to LUV -- right?

photo of: action art, painting with marbles at preschool, art project for young children,

What I LUV is that teachers, Miss Danielle + Miss Sharronda have made their own fun!!!

Don't you just LUV combining the PROCESS within a FUN PRODUCT????
Are you eager to start planning for spring? UMBRELLAS!!

[I'll be working and working and working on this post, so come back later once its finished!!!]

+++++This post is being created for the VERY FIRST LINKIE PARTY EVER over at PreK+K Sharing!!!!!!!!!! Amy has written an amazing article of ideas for using paint with children and we are so eager to have others link up their ideas to this L-O-N-G running initiative on PAINT!!!!!! Just click on our button below -- to be transported over to the store-house of all sorts of incredible and inspiring ideas on: ALL THINGS PAINTING!!!! Come get inspired and leave your links to inspiring ideas as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing so many fabulous paint ideas! I don't think you can ever have enough paint! Thanks for helping to promote and link up to the linky party on our collaborative!

    1. BRILLIANT!!! Your post was simply brilliant!!!! It will become THE encyclopedia of linkies with insight for painting!!!! It's such an awesome place to round up so many stellar ideas! BRAVA!!!!


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