Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top to Bottom YouTube!!!

Isn't it amazing? I started this summer with the goal of sharing my work with a wider audience. Today after I came home from church I remembered to go to my blog post of yesterday to add some links and while there I noticed the most dramatic stampede on my YouTube page of videos: EVER!!!!! What on earth had happened?

I posed that thought on my Facebook page -- and very shortly the answering angel herself popped through with an explaination. It seems that Charity, of the Organized Classroom Blog, my blogging mentor had mentioned my existence on HER FB fanpage and the stampede began in earnest! She put a link directly to my blog button above that lists my YouTube videos. Wow! Again, I say wow!!!!

Charity's generosity & kindness reminded me that I had worked on 'editing' some footage shot earlier at the Early Childhood Summer Institute during my workshop presentation. I had asked for a volunteer to handle my camera and take some photos. Un-be-knownst to me, my amazing participant thought to shoot this segment as a movie!!! So Allen just helped get this one together with some title slides and voila!!! (None of the participants realize that they are part of Clement's candid camera..... I didn't know it at the time either! LOL)

Is this video the cutest thing ever? This is a song that I recorded for my friends at Zaner-Bloser as part of their handwriting curriculum for young students at the beginning of their writing careers. Print directionality to the tune of 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!!!' Of course I knew that children always like for their favorite bits to get faster & faster and apparently the teachers like the challenge as well. [See my full set of Debbie's Directions.]

This is the evidence that there are some Kentucky educators who are truly having a good time. I know that those same teachers are getting ready to kick off their new school year with plenty of enthusiasm!!! This little dittie makes laugher contagious! It is available on my sixth CD, "Debbie's Ditties 6: The Handwriting Mix" with eleven others songs to support fine motor development. Contact Zaner-Bloser for all of the curriculum pieces to support your young students! They have a complete teacher's guide which comes with these same dozen songs included plus they have a gazillion other pieces to support you as you support the little ones.

Thanks to Charity for the prompt to move this movie-making task to the top of my list!!!! [Editor's note. It is Charity, from the Organized Classroom blog who has developed a 'system' to help us grow our blogging efforts through better traffic. She is the one with a series of 30 videos in a course called Teaching Blog Traffic School. Beyond the videos which are brilliant --the commaraderie of the fellow bloggers has been worth its weight in gold!

*****Editor's note. I have connected this post to a Linky party over at Messy with Miss Jessy.... and yet the magic linkie info has not appeared here as I think it ought. Until I can sort that out, please click on the Messy high light and go see the other posts in the party!!

*****Editor's additional note: Once I got blog hopping tonight, I found a BLOG HOP with well over 200 educational blogs already linked up and hopping. Again. I am apparently not figuring out how to link up??? Please go to Blog Hoppin' to see the brilliant list of edu-blogs.

I'm a music-lady turned author/illustrator, traveling to schools across the country & speaking to teachers and librarians!!! I've been out of college for over 30 years & this is my 15th year as a consultant -- running my own company. You may not know how much I love daisies or that we are about to blessed with our SEVENTH grandchild!

I seriously need to figure out how to make the links in the linkie party work?!?!?!?! I have been working all summer long to figure out how to get my blog to a wider readership and my latest addiction is "Pinterest."


  1. Thanks team!!! Your comments mean the world to me. The kids -- preschool all the way thru mature elementary students, (when I'm making my "author" visits) really do LOVE this one. It's a real crowd pleaser! Especially the 'big-ending' where it gets faster and then faster still! I can always count on hilarity and laughter to unfold!

  2. I like too :)

    It makes me smile:)


  3. Debbie,
    It made my linky party! :) I love your songs...they are brilliant, fantastic and super silly! :)

  4. Coonie! You got thru the comment conundrum. It always makes me smile to know you're 'reading over my shoulder!'

    And Jessi! Love getting acquainted with your work. I'm 'messy' but in a whole different regard. Thanks for popping through!

  5. Ooooohhh,,, I love this!!!! :)


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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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