I have figured out how to upload PDFs......


My plan is to house my handouts, lyric sheets and other goodies under this tab.... I will continue to add odds + ends here over the weeks + months ahead.

*****Please be patient with me while I figure out the subtleties of this newest technological process. I think that each 'handout' will be in pdf format + may take a moment to get to your screen from the cloud.

It will be my method moving forward, as I upload my newest digital product..... I will offer it as a FREEBIE to my followers, for 24 hours -- at a minimum, at our EEE, Early Education Emporium. Whenever possible...... I will attempt to remember to put that ***ALERT*** here at the beginning of the freebie section. For that day only. If you happen into this page during a new roll-out, you'll see it listed right here in the beginning. 


I have a FREE one hour webinar sponsored by Frog Street Press and archived at EdWebNet! 
By viewing the hour seminar you can earn an hour of Continuing Ed Credit. 

You do need to become a member of the Early Childhood Community first. 
You watch the webinar. 
You take a 4 questions quiz. 
Bingo. Bango. 
They email your certificate for your files! 

While you're there you'll find another dozen webinar presentations to add to your file! 


I've just uploaded this Fall Bucket List Subway Art FREEBIE Printable. Pop over to our Early Education Emporium to get your copy! 

AND Now... onto the 'always-a-freebie' section of the page. 

photo of: Free Mp3 of "Going to the Library" by Debbie Clement (Digital Download at Teacher's Pay Teachers)

Stay tuned!!!!
1. FREEBIE Mp3 Download of my original song, "Going to the Library" at my personal store at our Early Education Emporium or over at Teacher's Pay Teachers Store!!! (click here for TpT) I would be so grateful for your comment over at TpT. Thanks a gazoodle! 
2. FREEBIE Mp3 "God Did" available for free Download of my original song at our very own cyber store: "Early Education Emporium" created for our collaborative blog PreK+K Sharing

3. FREEBIE: little Debbie-poem for 'graduation' and End-of-Year transition ~~ keepsake for scrapbooks. It's in a pdf format at our cyber-store: Early Education Emporium.

4. FREEBIE: pdf format suitable for Father's Day or any daddy's birthday or special occasion. Available at our Early Education Emporium! 
5. FREEBIE little heart-felt Debbie-poem about children's Art suitable for holiday mementos. Christmas version is already at Teachers Pay Teachers. (Click here for direct down-load.) More holiday adaptations to come! 
6. Zaner-Bloser's Early Stages of Handwriting Development 
*** Shared with ZB's permission & enthusiasm ****
7. My 11 page handout: Can't Sing Good? Sing Loud!!
8. One page worth of my favorite bumper stickers
9. Chart of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory
10. My compilation of quotations on DREAMS!!!!!!

I've added this page to TBA's International blog hop, Pot of Gold for Freebies!

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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