Tuesday, September 6, 2016

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat 9/6 Developing a Culture of #STEM

Hope you had a great weekend! 
Time to regroup with your Twitter #TeacherFriends 
and get this year expanded on all things #STEM! 

Tonight at 9PM we welcome Jonathan Gerlach 
to our spotlight as #GuestEduCelebrity! 

Jonathan has recently been globe-trotting and brings an entire planet's worth of knowledge to our weekly gathering. Since we know that Twitter is an acquired language for many teachers, we offer some incentive to learn-the-ropes. 

Tonight I will be giving away a 14" Wobble Stool on behalf of WobbleSeat.com
One lucky participant will be chosen from our Google Doc at random. 
You only need to enter one time, beginning as early as 8:30 PM during our 
Early Bird portion of the evening, designed to support those new to Twitter. 

In an effort to help you ease into the chat, 
we publish our questions ahead of time -- 
in an effort to help you follow along 
and contribute your insight. 

You are welcome to schedule your answers! 
Many of us use the FREE Tweetdeck to create a 'column' for our chat. 

Again. Learning curve. I know. I get it. 
Once you figure it out -- you'll be glad that you did. 

Just be sure to schedule your answers in the minute(s) that follow the question. 
Otherwise you look fairly clairvoyant. 

Also take into consideration the time zone conundrum! 
We visit in the Eastern Time Zone. 
Convert accordingly for your location. 

As a former Art Teacher, I'm always attempting to convert #STEM to #STEAM 
and I've scheduled tweets with the following images. 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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