Saturday, June 25, 2016

Praise Report UPdate: Sunsets, Heaven-on-Earth and Progress!

As each afternoon begins to wind down, 
I am continually checking the skies for the cloud factor. 
Every once in a while, 
you can anticipate --
sunset is going to be spectacular. 

The first photo above is arriving at the marina on 

Arriving to the dock -- I saw it!!! 
My first sailboat of the season. 
It was going to be a 

And just like that.......... 
the sailboat sailed off. 
The sun went kerplop,
and all that was left was the afterglow!

And this is why we come to Door County! 
The sun comes up again.......... 
and the blue skies return. 

I swear the skies are a different shade of blue up here. 
I've probably said that here before -- 
because I think it is really true. 

The gardens are blooming. 
The flowers are in full color. 
I stop and my tears make it difficult to take the picture. 

I have so many favorites. 
The poppies make me feel so Georgia O'Keefe-like. 
I can't get close enough. 

I took this one two nights ago, 
on my iPhone.
Yes, the same phone that I dropped into a bucket of water. 
The one that I revived with a box of barley. 

Pretty fascinating capture. 

To be here, so close to heaven, is such a blessing. 
To watch the sunsets and the flowers, 
To exhale after such an amazing year........... 
We have been so very blessed. 
BLESSED indeed. 

We have some pretty amazing news to announce NEXT week! 
Too early to let the cat outta the bag, 
but there is a VERY big cat in an amazing bag. 

In the meantime, 
can you help me out? 
EVERY time that you order your beauty products from me
it is a HUGE HUGE HUGE help to our daughter and the 
I know that it may not make a lot of sense, 
as to why to order from me, 
rather than her directly.......... 

It has to do with the structure of her retaining her management status. 
I am her 'downline' and the better I do, 
the better it is for her. 

Of course it would REALLY benefit her, 
if you would join the company for your own goals!!! 

She has made a future for herself 
as a result of this opportunity. 
You can follow in her footsteps, right here, right now!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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