Sunday, March 22, 2015

WIN a Frog Street Splash Registration! Give-AWAY!

Gaylord Texan RESORT!

There is nothing like attending a national professional conference to jump-start your focus, commitment and dedication! The annual summer SPLASH EVENT is the place to be if you have dedicated your life to the service of children. I can't wait to get back to Texas, to the Gaylord and to SPLASH! {Oh, my, word! Have you ever been to the Gaylord? Superlative beyond your wildest!}

What makes SPLASH different than 'other' national events? Good question. 

All national conferences have top-notch speakers. For sure! In addition to incredible presenters and workshops, SPLASH is also part game-show hyper-excitement of giveaways and prizes. I'm sure SPLASH is the first conference where I have seen participants SCREAMING with genuine excitement over prizes, and prizes and more prizes. 

There's more of a PARTY atmosphere at SPLASH! The dazzling stage, the pump-up-the-room atmosphere. The professional master-of-ceremony type ubber immersion into fun and learning makes SPLASH a unique environment to be sure! I'm looking forward to spending some more time with Shawn Brown! 

And then there is the evening pajama party. Think wearing your themed pjs with several hundred of your besties, in a throw down over PRIZES and you're kinda, sorta in the right category! 

This year's evening pajama party is a blogger-meet-and greet! OH BE STILL MY HEART! It is to be hosted by my super-fave blogger Crystal Radke, from Kreative in Kinder fame. YES. I once got to spend an entire weekend in her home! YES! We did stay up past our bedtime, more than once!!! YES!!! I did get to make my author-illustrator presentation at her school! SQUEEEEE! Can't wait to see all of my favorites. How the time flies! 

The main thing, since it has gone live, is to let you get entered to WIN WIN WIN a full registration! Worth $350! See this is what I mean by PARTY! I know in the world of early childhood, your winning the registration can mean the difference in your dreams coming true and not. 

After Rafflecopter chooses the winner, you will have 48 hours to "claim" your prize, before I reach out to the runner-ups. Fair. Fair-is-fair! 

If you're not the lucky-duck, you'll want to move quickly to take advantage of the EarlyBird Discount

Would you be a sweet heart and pin that image? 
This opportunity could mean the world to one of your peers! 

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I will be emailing you next! 

You have 48 hours to get back to me with your acceptance speech!

First runner up is: Laurie E. 
Second runner up is: Channon M.  

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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