Saturday, March 7, 2015

Praise + Psalms! Family + Friends Support "Reality"

There's so much that happens in a week's time. I've come to this new tradition of Saturday being an update for our family and friends.

1. Yeah GOD!

2. All about taking one day at a time.

THE GOOD NEWS? She received her 'royalty' check a day or two early from Younique. Such an amazing, incredible opportunity, has arrived immediately when critically needed. Her team continues to grow. She continues to learn. I would LUV to talk to you about joining our enterprise. YEAH GOD! 

3. Is it just a complete irony that they would be the VERY couple across the table from us at our congregation's 50th anniversary picnic dinner on Sunday afternoon? God winks in THE.MOST.INCREDIBLE.SPECIFIC.WAYS! Yeah GOD! Thank you B for your insight and suggestions. Baked beans and brilliance under a tent with a revival band. Just what my angels ordered.

4. Last week I reported that Sarah had taken out paint brushes and begun applying her capability to canvas. I also pointed out that this work was for sale. Great news!!! Her first painting has been purchased by one of her long-ago patrons at the salon. Friends telling friends. Isn't it amazing how a kindness dating back nine years ago can blossom to perfect fruition and that goodness is rewarded all of these many years later! You know who you are. More than one kind person was involved in getting those ducks-in-a-row. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yeah, GOD! 

She continues to paint and this is her latest creation. 
Who has an empty wall? 
This one's smaller at 16 by 20" and seems like $100 would be appropriate. 

5. A DEAR long-term professional peer has l-o-n-g used my books in presentations. This week we learned that a chunk of unexpected accounts receivable is 'in the mail.' 
Perfect timing, indeed. Yeah, GOD! 

6. Speaking of Accounts Receivable, the checks from TX have already arrived! Sometimes school districts are the slowest paying entities on the planet, but NOT THIS TIME! Yeah, GOD!

7. My GRAND nephew arranged a LIVE Stream interview from his college radio station and that went off without a hitch on Friday. I am getting more comfortable with these technological possibilities. The Skype at the station skips around a lot on my face (LOL) or I'd share the link with you. I am VERY grateful for that experience this week. Thank you Jared. Yeah, GOD! 

8. This was the week that my article on encouraging children's AUTHENTIC artwork was published in a state wide FL e-zine. Many thanks to the ubber talented Joanna, my dear cyber/DoorCO/OSU/FL/Art teacher friend. Pretty incredible how our lives over-lap. Having my work in front of one more FL Art teacher? PRICELESS! Yeah, GOD! 

9. This morning our neighborhood had the annual garage sale. Funny to assemble 'my paraphernalia' in our garage. My work found new homes! I LUV to personalize my picture books! Old doo-dahs to new homes and some spare change to boot! Win/Win. Ya gotta LUV a good house cleaning! Yeah, GOD! 

10. This afternoon was the US Navy Band's annual tour that brought our son-in-law Zac to Orlando. What an uplifting event! This is our first time to hear him in THE Navy Band! They were joined by the Sea Chanters, the official NAVY vocal ensemble. Truly amazing. Patriotic. Capable. Creative. An incredible mix from Tchaikovsky to Lion King and John Phillip Sousa to Jersey Boys. What a super-fun time together! How fortunate to spend time with our loved one. Our heart-warming conversation over dinner will be memorable:! YEAH GOD! 

11. The REALLY delightful news is that it was this week that my sweet blogging friend, Mary over at "Sharing Kindergarten" ordered her first FULL DOZEN Wobble Seats, after she fell in LUV with her first order of four wobbles. Order placed on Monday. Wobbles arrive in GA on Wed and pictures showing up by Friday! More inquiries from far and wide are bound to come as a result of her enthusiasm. If you haven't met her? Mary = ENTHUSIASM! Yeah, GOD! 

12. Because Mary was proclaiming her wobble-praise in a group of Kinder-teachers, folks got thinking how cool it would be to have our Wobbles available through Donors Choose. They lit a fire! I have received the awesome answer that the dots can indeed be connected. Wobbles + = Contribution!!! Go back in time to the article where I explain those details. My favorite part is where Mary says that her policy is always to purchase from 'real' people. As distributors, we offer the same discount price as Amazon. Yeah GOD! 

13. Someone purchased something at Zulily via my link and so that is another new credit! I'll have to get that link and leave it here for others. Yeah GOD! 

That's a LOT in a week: YEAH GOD! 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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