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Observation of September 11th with Children (Song on SALE)

September 11th Observation with Children 

It is time again to consider how to 'approach' the observation of September 11th with children. It is a tightrope act to combine the emotions and feelings of adults as they reflect on the event, with the innocence of children born very much after the fact. I have a resource for your consideration.

In the immediate aftermath of that historic Tuesday, I wrote a little song for 'performance' to be used later that week on the national day of prayer and mourning. It was years before I got it professionally recorded. It was a total of ten years before I got the lyrics of my song "transformed" into a picture book. The entire project is a simple response for children to sing -- more an appreciation for our flag and all things Americana, than the historic event itself. It was my own feeling that a heartfelt and patriotic song would always fit the remembrance of the occasion. Listen to the sweet voices of Kinder-kids singing in performance. 

In real time I am in Denver, as we visit our WesternWonders (that's our mile-high grandchildren.) We had sufficient time to make the arrangements for me to visit the first grade of our six year old wonder. Once the invitation was extended, it made sense to gather all four of the first grade classes together for my visit. These photos are from our 'first grade' time gathered on Friday.

The shot below if of my fave firstie, plus a 'guest' Clement holding the original quilt that I created from fabric, as the illustration for the 'big city' portion of America. As a group we are comparing the quilt to the completed illustration in the book. 

Here we are initially working on the sign language to support our singing.  A long time back I consulted with educators at the Ohio School for the Deaf, for signs to use in our singing. Their suggestion was to use the sign for 'flag' with each time we sang "Red, White and Blue." In the photo below we are learning the 'sign' for flag. 

I'm BIG on BIG endings. This next series of photos show us as a group creating exploding 'fireworks' for our grand finale. We start out squatting down low, ready for a big blast off. We give one great big clap (explosion) together, and then our fingers twinkle down as the twinkling aftermath. 

I mentioned this afternoon that I wished I had a picture of reading the book together at school. They decided as a trio to get dressed and pose just such a shot for me -- just for you readers of my blog! They went searching for their Fourth of July shirts for this photo op! LUV LUV LUV it! The Clement crew, with little Missy off in naptime, slumberland. 

Here's a peek at four of the finished quilts in the picture book version. 
Keep in mind I made each of these two page 'openings' as one finished quilt. 
32 page book = 16 small quilts

Here's a RoundUP of patriotic responses to my book --
from children across the country. 
Just click the pic below.  

     photo of: Collage of Patriotic Art Projects by Young Children in preschool and kindergarten

I've added some of my favorites here for you to see in a quick hop!

photo of: Patriotic Art Projects for Elementary School via RainbowsWithinReach

This close-up 'marble-painted' construction paper quilt detail below was created in Illinois by kinder-kids. Roll on down to see how gigantic the project became. 

photo of: Monumental Construction Paper Quilt by Carie's Kindergarten Class in Response to "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement

The patriotic quilt below was created in this same school for my author visit to them this past spring.

Last year on September 11th I was in WI for my school visit.
The first graders there created construction paper pieces for their lockers.

photo of: "Red, White and Blue" First Grade Response to Picture Book Art

photo of: Red, White and Blue: Construction Paper Quilts in Honor of 9-11 (in response to "Red, White and Blue" picture book)

photo of: First Grade Patriotic 'Quilts' in honor of 9-11 (Artist in Residence Visit)

photo of: Flag of painted handprints

photo of: Preschool Painted Handprint American flag

photo of: Elementary School Patriotic Music Flag of Guitars for Author Welcome

photo of: Elementary School Children Waving the American Flag for Author Visit with Debbie Clement

Here's the very first quilt that I made for the book...... 
It's representative of our haven-on-earth, up in Door County.

Quilt Illustration for "Red, White and Blue" by Debbie Clement

I have put my digital download of the song and its support materials on sale from now through Sept. 11th at Teachers Pay Teachers. I don't think there's enough time to ship you the picture book before then, but ordering it now on sale, will ensure that you have it in time for Veteran's Day. 

I'm so appreciative of your pins from my blog. 
It's the greatest way to help me get the word out. 
Thank you!!!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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