Tuesday, April 12, 2022

"Mighty Wings" on Educational Podcast & Stars with Radio Personality!


We are working daily to bring visibility to our Monarch butterfly conservation project and picture book, "Mighty Wings." It is thrilling to have had some recent media coverage! 

I was interviewed by Vanessa Levin on her educational podcast through her platform at Pre-K Pages, Elevating Early Childhood.  

Vanessa Levin's Podcast: Elevating Early Childhood 

Vanessa is such a gracious host. Even MORE than that? She did her homework regarding our picture book and found NUMEROUS Early Learning Standards that align directly with our book. Talk about teaching to the test! 

[Note-to-self. Take a deep breath and slow down. I may have been just a smidge excited during this conversation.] 

And if that isn't enough information on the background of the book, here's a radio personality interview with a local celebrity right here in Vero Beach! RHETT PALMER! 

He seriously kept me on my toes! Here's the studio set-up at Vero's Voice! Talk about impromptu. Click here to listen to that non-stop fun! 

Our book is making progress on gaining visibility at McKee Botanical Garden. The giftshop manager, Michelle has gone to great lengths to help us make a BIG first impression. Look at this display. 

Why yes. That is quite-a-few Monarch butterfly magnets encircling our "Mighty Wings." 

At this point "Mighty Wings" is still only available directly on my website. I will sign and date each copy that we ship out. There's a spot on the site for you to request that I personalize your book -- which is certainly the highlight of my day! 

Let me tell you! Here's the evidence that it is literally jaw-dropping! Take a look at the expression of this three year old as he reacts to the end pages. 

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!

Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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