Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#TeacherFriends Twitter Chat on #GAFE Google Classrooms

Time to add to your Professional Learning Network. 
We gather weekly to support and inspire each other. 
Developing your use of Twitter gives you support 24/7 from your peers -- 
across the country and around the world! 

This week we welcome classroom teacher Sylvia Parker 
to our spotlight as #GuestEduCelebrity! 

She will be sharing her understanding and use of Google from a classroom/teacher/educational standpoint.
We're trying to make your life easier. 

Speaking of making your life easier...... 
Sylvia has lined up "Sit Spots" to be our official sponsor tonight! 

The possibility of winning a $50 gift certificate to Sit Spots 
is incentive enough to ferret out the inner workings of Twitter and Tweetdeck. 

One lucky participant will win this grand prize. 
We will begin tweeting a Google doc at 8:30 PM EST. 

In order to be eligible to win any of the prizes, 
you need to enter your information ONE time over the course of the chat. 
Winners will be announced during the concluding minutes of our hour long chat. 

To help our Twitter Newbies and Twitter Experts alike, 
I have an overview of the entire evening's chat outline. 

You are welcome to schedule your answers ahead of time. 
Just be certain to factor in the time-zone conversion factor. 
Also. It is helpful to schedule your answer in the minute(s) that FOLLOW the question. 

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Thanks for your support! I am so appreciative of your pins!
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